Meet Rory and Nick!

Rory and Nick are partners. They both knew that they wanted to become fathers and enter the joys of fatherhood. After being together for years, they are ready to enter the world of parenting.

Rory and Nick believe that they should have the same rights in the UK as heterosexual couples. As Rory and Nick put it, the “stifling setback surrounding surrogacy in the UK is the law which fails to protect the intended parents, which has led us to look further afield.”

gay birthright 2

We could write an article defending why Rory and Nick should be parents. How their sexual orientation should not be held against them in becoming loving fathers to their future child. We could explain how there are many families, across the world, that are not your typical “nuclear family”. That, in fact, families have never truly been “nuclear.”  Some families are a dual income family which may have a nanny, daycare or another family member watching their child for the majority of that child’s childhood. Who could discount the single mother or father, who, by himself or herself, gets up everyday and is father and a mother to their beautiful children? We could also attest, that many families are blended, many children have divorced parents and may have two Moms and two Dads, respectively. These families, though not “nuclear”, are loving, caring and compassionate.   Unfortunately, we can also argue, that many families do not have loving parents. Their parent figure may be a support worker, a foster care worker among many scenarios. We could plead with the reader that this future child of Rory and Nick will not have one loving parent, but two and of course, their respective families, friends and community to embrace this future little one.

But we will not write an article defending gay parenting. In fact, we are not going to call it gay parenting or straight parenting with heterosexual or homosexual partners. We are going to call it simply ‘Parenting.’ As we have chosen “Not” to argue, parenting has always been diverse in its roles and execution. Grandparents, guardians, Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts, in history and in the future parent their loved ones. So, today, we are writing an article about two people who love each other and are prospective parents who ask to be just that, parents.

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So who are Rory and Nick? They are fully employed potential parents (Rory is a hairstylist and Nick is a paramedic) looking to have a child through IVF or in vitro fertilization. They would like to have an open discussion about the UK’s current surrogacy laws so it is fair to all potential parents. They would like to hire a surrogate in the UK so that they avoid any potential exploitation of surrogates in developing countries. They are excited to be parents and know that like many IVF situations, this will be a long journey. But, Rory and Nick know that like any parent, most things involving your children are a long journey.  If you are willing to support them, their twitter and facebook pages are alive and well. They are also looking to raise funds to help them on this two fold journey of awareness and fatherhood.


Who are Rory and Nick really? They are just like the millions of parents around the world who are looking to dive into dirty diapers, baby laughs, tantrums, school plays, tears, joy, and most of all, love. Simply, Rory and Nick are a loving couple who are looking to become fathers. Join them in their journey.