Roy is Not A Dog – Lilypod Lane has a mystery and Weasel is ready to solve it. Neighbor Roy lives in a peculiar house and has his own peculiar ways but the truth is… Weasel believes he is a dog. How can Weasel figure out this mystery? Discover Roy Is Not A Dog where you and your children go on a sight adventure that they will love.

roy is not a dog book review

What It’s About

Weasel is just being an observant neighbor. He delivers the paper to each and everyone on Lilypod Lane but there is just something different about Roy’s house. Weasel dreams up so many ideas of what Roy could possibly be. There are clues, that you and your children can find that prove or disprove Weasel’s ideas. Your children will enjoy being little investigators to find out if Roy is truly a dog or not. The ending of the book is a big surprise, but there are clues through out the entire story that your children should look for. The neighborhood in general is not what it seems!

Author and Illustrator Esme Shapiro and Daniel Newell Kaufman take your children on an enchanting and mysterious story that they will love to read again and again. Both the pictures and the storyline will have your children captivated. Both seasoned readers and reluctant readers alike will fall in love with the storyline and will be looking for clues if Roy is really a dog. The ending will surprise your children and have them talking and re-reading the book for more assurance.

Extra Credit

Have your child add their own character in Lilypod Lane. Is there something mysterious about this character? Are there any clues around the street that tell us who they really are?

Why We Love this Book

Our mission is to always look for books that have three things: Firstly, to bond families into reading time. This book can be read solo or by a parent. Secondly, we want a book that can help exceptional young readers keep their interest and expand their thinking. This book does just that. Lastly, for the reluctant readers, we want a book that will be so engaging that they will feel like they are not doing a lot of work while they are secretly learning. This book is one of the best for all three of our “must haves”. Tundra Books always has your family in mind when they publish their wonderful series.