When you look at inspiration, we always go out of our way to find the real people paving the way in this world. We could not think of a better role model and success story than Ryan Patel, who you should be following! Ryan’s success resume includes but it is not limited to building Pinkberry, working for Red Cross and more. We are lucky to have interviewed Ryan to learn the inside scoop of motivation, success and balancing family.

You have accomplished so much in the business world, take us back to 18 year old Ryan. What was driving you? Were you an ambitious young man or did it grow along with your success?

Well, I was just trying to survive my first year at the University of California, Berkeley.  I was so excited to attend such a tremendous school and was in awe of all the historical landmarks the campus has.  I just wanted to learn as much as I can and take advantage from all diverse arenas that Cal offered.  I would have to say my ambitions definitely grew along as time continue to go by, as it became clearer on what my passions were.


Ryan, as someone who is a restaurant industry global executive, what was it like to be Vice President of Global Development for one of the fastest growing retail brands in the world, Pinkberry?

It was fun and hectic at the time. You are working on so many different things at one time. But I would definitely not trade my experience there for anything.  I truly loved working with my team and all the great partners I got to work with around the world. To be able to travel and help build a strategy that matched each country and its culture, was a tremendous experience.


If you can answer this question in three words or less. “A successful business takes…”

And gives back.


Red Cross is one of the most important charities in the world. What is it like being a part of Red Cross?

Like most charities in the world, if you spend any time with any of the volunteers and the staff, you can easily see the passion and dedication that they all have for the community. That is definitely no different at the Red Cross.  When you are around people who continue to make an impact and continue to be selfless, you immediately feel inspired.  It pushes you to make your own impact as well.

You always make sure to give back to charity and to encourage businesses to do the same. Why is it so important for big business to stand by and aid reputable charities?

We all are one community. In fact, we are a global community.  Big businesses definitely have a large role in the community as they can make sizable impact due to their connectivity with its employees and consumers.  But to make that impact it is important for businesses to partner with charities that are tied at not just a national level but locally as well.


What is your advice for parents who are trying to balance the corporate world with being parents?

Do not ever be ashamed by putting your family first. Family comes first, full stop. You first have to fight yourself to maintain a balance, because no one else will do it for you.  It is having that consistent mindset, especially when you are balancing it with the corporate world.  Try to be there not just important events for your kids but also everyday routines. It is the littlest things that sometimes kids remember that can turn into such a positive influence.  Also, I would be remised to say that it is a family effort.  When all hands are on deck and making sacrifices together, balancing would be much easier.


When you are not saving the business world, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Picture is Kings Canyon, California – Photo Credit to Vee Photography

Haha, not sure if I would say saving the business world, but I do travel quite a bit, so I definitely try to spend as much time as I can with my wife and kids.  We love to do outdoor things, especially hiking ever since the kids were infants.  We have done some great hikes in Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Zion National Park (love the Narrows), Bryce Canyon and Waimea Canyon over the past few years.  I have to admit, I can’t take any credit to any of those trips and ideas as that was all my wife.  We are definitely a supporter of the national parks!


Do you have any advice for global youth and their parents struggling to find jobs in today’s market?

Do not give up hope and stay positive.  I know it is easy to say, but you cannot be down on yourself.  Look to add new skillsets, meet new people and just try to learn about the path you want to take.  Also, remember it is hardly ever the case that you reach your goal in such a simple path.  You never know where opportunities take you.

Should parents encourage their children to have an entrepreneurial spirit? Any tips or insight?

I believe everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit and is not regulated to just a business affiliation.  I think if you can provide an atmosphere for children to use their imagination, be creative and have a voice; you will be able to foster the individuality of each child.  You are trying to get them to be a free thinker and find their own solutions.

Not only are you charitable, a force in the business world, but you have also been a TV contributor to CNN, WWD and Entrepreneur. How do you balance it all?

To say I do it by myself, is completely false.  I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a tremendous partner in my life, who is always there for me.  To say she is a support to me, is also not the right term.  My wife is the leader that I continue to be amazed everyday and learn from.  I am a no one without her and definitely would not be able to make an impact anywhere without her guidance.

What drives you?

For me, I want to be able make a positive impact in anything that I do. But it has been the unsolicited feedback that I get, especially from the global community that continue to show so much support and love from my speaking engagements to media appearances, that keeps me going.  It is those interactions either in person or on social media that keeps me motivated to continue to make a difference.

Any upcoming projects you would like to tell our audience about?

I just want to thank the global community and your audience for the continued support!  As I truly appreciate.

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