Scary Stories For Young Foxes

Halloween is approaching and nothing is spookier on a cool night than sitting down and reading Scary Stories for Young Foxes by Christian McKay Heidicker with your family.

It’s not every day a great writer like Christian McKay Heidicker comes along and gives you a set of tales that your children will enjoy and remember for a long time. He wove a tapestry of short stories but knocked down the barriers so that each story blends in with one another. Without giving too much away, both parents and older children will find it genius while your younger children will be wrapped in each spooky tale.

Like many young children, they are fascinated with spookiness and mystery. They look for it in their play with friends and telling stories to one another. This story will satisfy this craving. When seven young foxes go in search of some scary tales, the kits make it down to Bod Cavern.  Each story is addictive and brings you into its clutches. From the “yellow disease” to the kit with only three paws, these stories that seem so different had a connection that will not only surprise your children, but yourself.

As the parent or child reads this book, you feel like you too are one of the young foxes, seeking adventure and mystery. The tall grass becomes real, the whipping wind between the forest trees and the feeling of each fox, especially Mia make you feel like you are a part of the clan.

Extra Credit

Challenge your little ones to tell seven spooky stories of their own. Challenge your older children to write seven spooky stories and weave them together.

Scary Stories for Young Foxes will scare you, thrill you and be a heartwarming book. Macmillan Publishers produced a book that is really going to be one of those stories that you pull out every Halloween (and throughout the year too). Read it with your family and when the kids go to bed, read it yourself. This book is a winner for families! Do you dare to seek The Scary Stories for Young Foxes?