Sean Awesome A Mission at Night


Sean Awesome became a staple in our house. For the tiny infant who loves to be read to as they are soothed to sleep, to our bouncing child ready to stay in bed with the parents, our children loved this book.

But who would not? Smith Publicity Inc. put out a fantastic book for a family with children of different ages who have the same goal. To sleep with Mom and Dad! Sean Awesome follows the story of Sean a little one who wants to sleep with Mommy tonight. He creates many fascinating “missions” to sneak into Mommy’s room, only to be caught. Does he get his way?

Authors Ms. Yellow and Mr. White have a goal in mind for your little sneaker. They make sure to teach at the end the importance of completing an important mission, staying in your own room. This is a fantastic lesson for your nervous sleeper. The writing soothes your child into not being afraid and has a combination of common and bigger words to expand your little reader’s vocabulary. We loved this!

The illustrations were something that drew us to the book. Each illustration was made of colorful paper and it’s going to be an attractive quality for baby, child and parent alike, to choose this book from their library again and again!

Should You Buy The Book?

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Sean Awesome not only was a fun read, but encouraged our little reader to learn some of the bigger words and most importantly, get to sleep in their own bed. The bond created by parent and child exists lovingly through out the whole book. The character illlustrations are so wonderfully designed that you want to reach out and hold each one!

Our baby was soothed by the calm writing and quickly fell asleep. The pictures and the writing kept us parents entertained, as we have been reading this wonderful story over and over (Strategically near bedtime!)
In a society where sleep is few and far between but very treasured, Sean Awesome teaches children the importance of sleep, imagination and being comfortable in your own room. Buy this book for the great read, the important lessons, the creative illustrations and overall, the great imagination.