5 Essential Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mom is already a full-time commitment on its own. If you add to that the fact that the majority of moms are also working nowadays, you may find yourself wondering if and when they get any time for themselves. However, what the majority seems to forget is that moms usually have impeccable organizational skills that allow them to do everything they’re expected to, plus find some time to indulge in some of their favorite activities.

That being said, finding the right time to do things you feel like doing can be somewhat challenging if you don’t have a place to do them. If you have to clear out your kitchen table in order to make room to paint your nails, chances are you will give up halfway through. With that in mind, here are some decor tips that will help busy moms stay on top of their game.

Designate your own beauty corner

First and foremost, as already mentioned, if you don’t have a place meant for doing your makeup, taking care of your hair and painting your nails, chances are you simply won’t do those things at all. That’s why you should aim at creating a space where you will be able to take care of all of these things as quickly as possible. So, if you haven’t already, create a small vanity in your bedroom and turn it into your own beauty station.

Pro tip: try to make it clear to everyone that your vanity belongs only to you, which means that only your things can have a place there – no toys, no ties or tools.

Create a reading nook

Furthermore, as some people like to relax in front of a TV – and usually every dad has his own “dad chair”, you can do the same if you like to read and create a cute little reading nook. You don’t really need a lot of things to be able to do so – simply get a comfortable armchair, find a good floor lamp, get yourself a small end table and enjoy your new reading area. What’s also great about this is that you can use this area to read to your kids as well. Simply have them gather around and enjoy the stories.

Improvise a home spa

Since most of us can’t really afford to create a real spa in our homes, we need to resort to improvising. Luckily, moms are excellent at this task. While it’s definitely not easy to create a spa in your home, you can easily create a spa-like environment in your bathroom. First, make sure you get yourself a soft bathrobe so that you have something soft to cuddle in after you’re done with your at-home spa experience. Next, fill your bathtub with pleasantly hot water and treat yourself with a beautifully fragranced bath bomb. For additional relaxation, fill your bathroom with scented wholesale candles and dim any other light to really set the mood. Also, make sure you ask your partner to be the person in charge while you’re trying to relax so that nobody interrupts your Zen.

Organize your closet

For busy moms on the go, an organized closet is almost as good as a time machine. Simply put, by having all of your clothing items organized by type and style, deciding what to wear in the morning and actually finding it will be made much, much easier. The fact is that moms usually have the time for everyone else but themselves, which is why so many find getting dressed in the morning to be a very difficult task. But if you have an organized closet working in your favor, this task will be a piece of cake.

Use accessories to accessorize

Finally, for some busy working moms simply getting dressed is not enough. Being able to find and use the right accessories is something many moms list as another real struggle. That’s why, instead of keeping your accessories in some drawer where they can easily get tangled or misplaced, you should use them to accessorize not just yourself, but your bedroom walls as well. Drill in simple hooks into the wall next to your vanity or get yourself a corkboard and use it with the same purpose in mind. Hang your accessories there and always have them at your arm’s reach and tangle-free whenever you need them.


The fact that you’re a busy mom doesn’t give you the excuse to forget all about your looks and needs just because you have someone else to take care of. If you find the time to take care of your own needs, you’ll be much happier to take care of the needs of others around you as well.