Seven Special Somethings A Nowruz Story

Norwuz is finally here! Little Kian is excited to celebrate Nowruz with his family. He wants this to be the most happiest Persian New Year his family has ever experienced. Will he be able to pull it off or will Kian have some challenging moments finding the seven S’s for Nowruz?

Nowruz is Finally Here!

Kian is learning about the importance of Nowruz and with his family coming to visit, he wants to make sure it is the best Nowruz ever! Mom explains the Seven S’s for Nowruz:

Sabez (sprouts) for rebirth

Serkeh ( vinegar) for patience

Seer (garlic) for health

Sekkah (coins) for wealth

Sib ( apple) for beauty

Samanoo ( pudding) for bravery

Sumaq (spice) for sunshine

When Kian introduces his cat Sonny to the display, he crashes into everything and it is chaos! Can Kian find seven S’s of his own that can save Nowruz?

Why We Love The Book

Protagonist Kian really wants to make his family happy and cares about their feelings. He wants to make sure that everyone enjoys this Nowruz. This book teaches children about Nowruz and what to do when you are in a dilemma. Kian attempts to find seven S’s of his own. He brings his favorite things to make up for the broken display. When Grandma and Grandpa are dropped off, the new haft seen is a sight to be seen!

This is a story about family, a caring, loving child and a wonderful imagination to make things right. Your child will love the words of Adib Khorram and the illustrations from Zainab Faidhi are beautiful! Children everywhere will want to participate in Nowruz.

EXTRA CREDIT- Seven Special Somethings A Nowruz Story

Have your children look around the house for their seven S’s. What did they find? Were they able to find the seven traditional S’s of Nowruz or did they bring a few things of their own?

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