It Happens to Too Many People

We are going to talk about something hard. We are going to talk about the millions of people around the world who have endured sexual assault. Just the words, “sexual assault” can make us cringe, can make us close the article and immediately stop thinking about it. But we have to talk about it, because so many others have endured this abuse, often times by family members and friends. It is not a “problem” or a societal challenge, it is, indeed an epidemic.

People who have been sexually assaulted, whether they were children or adults, may struggle with identity, self-worth, fear, terror and post-traumatic stress disorder. There are many groups where a number of sexually assaulted people meet and speak about their experiences. However, many of these people feel lost and that there are not enough tools and resources to take back with them after the meetings are over. Sometimes the leaders of these meetings don’t understand the pain someone who has been sexually assaulted is going through. Where is the safe space for the survivors? To take it a step further, can they not only survive but eventually, thrive? Sandra from More 2 Survive knows you deserve more.

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds” – Laurel K Hamilton

Advocate and Survivor

Sandra is not only an advocate for those who have been sexually assaulted, but she is also a survivor of sexual assault. She went through years of facing her pain, addressing it head on and loving herself through the challenges. She is a champion and now she wants to champion for you.

Creating More 2 Survive

She created More 2 Survive as a movement for those who have been sexually assaulted. It is based in Toronto, Canada. More 2 Survive is currently hosting small, intimate meetings. If you are looking for support, guidance, resources and to be surrounded by people who truly care. She has aspirations to expand this to a global movement.What is most important to her is every individual who she meets who has survived being sexually assaulted.

The premise of More 2 Survive is simple. To survive and to eventually take your life back, while being supported by a group of individuals who understand and to different capacities have been there.

“I am blooming from the wound where I once bled.” – Rune Lazuli

When we think of this brilliant group, we think of a lotus flower. It is no secret that it is a part of More 2 Survives logo. A lotus flower is something that blossoms in mud. Despite this flower’s harsh conditions, it finds strength and not only survives, but THRIVES in its existence. When you stare at the blossom, you only focus on its beauty and strength to survive.

Overcoming Challenge

This is what we think about the owner Sandra. Sandra has overcome her challenges with grace, class and always striving to thrive. She has blossomed quite like a lotus flower and she is a trustworthy resource, a confidant of many and can make you feel like you are her best friend. However, Sandra keeps a level of professionalism and understanding that is not only quite rare in the working world, but quite rare today in general.

You can trust Sandra to share your experiences as they will be kept in the highest confidence. But what’s even more important, she will guide you safely to get through these experiences and give you the tools and resources to continue on. After your classes or meetings are over, doesn’t mean your counseling with Sandra is over. More 2 Survive has a private Facebook group for all those who enter the program.  As such, your communication with Sandra and others who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse will continue on.

“Water surrounds the lotus flower, but does not wet its petals.” – Gautama Buddha

There are group sessions that you can attend with Sandra and there are one on one sessions as well if that makes you more comfortable. You can also take both sessions together or one after another. There are also zoom or phone conversations that are great for those who either lead a busy lifestyle or are too shy to meet in person. More 2 Survive has something for everyone that caters to your needs.

No Judgement

Whatever session you choose, it’s  a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. You can share as much or as little as you like and you can “pass” if the question is too hard or too difficult. This is about thriving at your own pace.

Sandra provides support to teens and adults alike to give them the voice that they felt that they never had. It is NEVER TOO LATE to get More 2 Survive in your corner for your journey to thrive.

Sandra is such a trusted resource to The Baby Spot and can be a trusted resource to you also . Sexual assault at any age can happen by anyone to anyone. Have a confidant, loving and understanding movement in your corner as you navigate your life and take back what was taken from you. It’s not only time to survive, it’s time to get your power back and thrive. You are safe with Sandra and More 2 Survive.

Your Advocate, Your Friend

Sandra is your advocate, your confidant, your friend and in the hardest times, your voice to navigate these choppy waters. You can trust her and her organization to keep you safe. She will put you at ease and to help you thrive in a way that you feel comfortable. We are proud to call More 2 Survive our ally.

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Make sure to get in contact with Sandra today via email at Readers from Toronto and the greater GTA are welcome to sign up for group and one on one sessions. For those around the world, we encourage the phone call or zoom sessions.

Let’s not survive, let’s thrive.