A wonderful gift to pass onto your children is the gift of gardening. Teaching your children to grow something with soil, sun, water and love is a simple yet powerful message of achievement, hard work and dedication. Those lessons are great pillars for any child at any age. We received Garden Blessings which is a great book of poems, prose and prayers celebrating the love of Gardening.

For you and your  new gardener, you are not only teaching life lessons but sharing in memories. If you have some time alone (which is rare) or with your child (more likely) share an inspirational poem or quote from this book. That way, when your child is older, they can reflect on these wise words when they are adults with children of their own.

garden blessings


This is a great book to keep on display on your coffee table for guests to see and it is a great conversation piece, or you can take it out to the garden to reflect on the gifts that gardening gives. Either way, it makes a great gift while you are sharing your love of gardening with your child or grandchild!