Should Smoking In Front of Children Be BANNED?

By: Karen Dennis from The Next Best Thing To Mummy

This was the topic brought up on a daytime television programme just before Christmas.

I have never been a smoker, but must point out that I am NOT having a go at anyone who does. I am not against smoking; it is a personal choice: I am against smoking in front of children, though.

As well as the obvious risks to health from breathing in second hand smoke and the smell of tobacco on clothes- children are easily influenced and often want to be just like the adults they see, I have seen children pick up a crayon or pencil and pretend it is a cigarette; holding it between their fingers as they have seen adults do.

Freedom Verses Severe Health Risks

I have also seen adults puffing away on a cigarette in cars with the windows up and children sat in the back.

I believe that smoking in places where children gather such as play parks or outside the school gates should be banned as smokers often hold a cigarette with their arm held down meaning that it is at the level of a passing child which could lead to a burn.

When I was a child there were even sweets available which were candy cigarettes, thankfully these are no longer available.

I have never allowed smoking in my house, but have a memory of my grandfather visiting and smoking a pipe which stank through the house.

A friend told me that her son begged her to give up smoking because he was afraid of the risk to her health, she gave up only to discover that her son had taken it up! ( she thought it was because he thought it made him look ‘big’). He has given up now and vapes instead.

Why not start the new year with a resolution to give up smoking in front of children?

I would be interested to hear thoughts on this topic.

Happy new year to all my readers!

As always comments and questions are welcome.

Until next time.