Show-How Guides Paper Airplanes

We love the Show-How Guides but one of the best books yet is the Show-How Guides Paper Airplanes. Take your child’s curious mind and give them the opportunity to hone in on their STEM skills with this exciting book from Macmillan.

How Do You Make The Best Paper Airplane?

To make the best paper airplane, you need to decide what makes a paper airplane great! Do you want a paper airplane that looks great? Do you want one that can do cool tricks or do you want one that can fly the farthest? The Show How Guides Paper Airplane can give you your answer! There are 11 essential designs to make the best paper airplane and each one has a chart with five characteristics.


To Make The Best Paper Airplane You Need To Know

Speed- How fast each design goes

Airtime- How long the airplane stays in the air –

Distance- How far the airplane can go

Acrobatics- How cool are the tricks the airplane can do.

Uniqueness- How neat and one of a kind is the plane’s design?

This book has each plane rated and ranked for all of these important skills.

Overall the best airplane is the Harrier for speed, airtime and distance.

However, other planes have some of these skills and can do some amazing acrobatics. Each page in the Show How Guide gives a step by step description for you to create your favorite plane. There is also a great section for tips and for some helpful modifications you can do to the original designs to get a new desired outcome.

STEM Learning and More!

This fun book will bring out creativity and problem solving skills in your children. This learning experience is a must have in your child’s life!

Extra Credit

See if the experts are right! Create all eleven must try airplanes and test them for uniqueness, acrobatics, distance, airtime and speed! Who won over all? What makes the perfect paper airplane to your kids?

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