It’s time to untangle the truth. If you have felt that you are not beautiful, that your natural hair is not good enough to be seen in public or that you need to have pin straight hair to go to that meeting, you are in the right place.

Hairlooms author Michele Tapp Roseman understands. She knows that millions of women and girls around the world do not feel that they are good enough. The media, some workplaces and schools have set up a standard for your tresses. Straight hair is professional and curly hair is “wild”, “untamed’ and sometimes even unprofessional. But do you really believe that? Do you believe that an afro is not beautiful, feminine and in a corporate setting, professional? Your curly hair is gorgeous and Michele is here to talk about being your best you.

Hairlooms is a book that will start conversations. Michele spent years trying to love her beautiful natural hair. She made this transition to wearing her natural hair but still found it a challenge to learn how to reduce natural hair breakage, high hair shrinkage and more. But she loves her natural hair.

Her focus was to talk to other black women who wear their natural hair. From interviewing Dr. Maya Angelou to actress Kim Coles, Michele embarks on an enlightening journey of hair, confidence and standard. Don’t worry gentlemen, their are some great key stories catered specifically to you!

What I loved about this book is that it is raising our standards of hair. Yes, it’s time to stop thinking small, that only one style should fit all and to prosper into embracing our natural beauty. Whether you have a cascade of curls to a beautiful afro, its time to shine! You are beautiful! Read this book and you will begin to change your ‘haircabulary’ and start using new words to describe your hair, your essence. Get ready to get inspired, to get pampered and to open an internal discussion with what your true standard of beauty is.

It is important as parents and/or as members of our community to inspire young peopleto love themselves authentically, naturally in their entirety. Michele Tapp Roseman will teach you how.