Side Hustles Parents Can Try to Make More Money

Like many adults, you may be working a full-time job that isn’t bringing in enough money. Maybe you’re comfortable with your finances and would like another stream of income for spending cash. Whichever reasoning applies, you’re here because you want to make side money. Look no further — you have a world of options to choose from when it comes to successful side hustles. Most of the ones here don’t require a college degree, so don’t stress about that aspect.

Here are seven jobs you can dive into for a bit of extra green.

1. Drive for a Ridesharing Company

If you have four wheels and a valid license, consider driving for Uber or Lyft. Choose times that fit into your schedule, and signal your availability through the app. Many adults work nights or weekends when they have free time. Before you sign up, have your car inspected and tuned up if necessary. Your vehicle should be in prime condition for the upcoming mileage.

Set aside some money for gas and repairs should you need them. As with many ventures, you’ll have to invest money in to get profit out, but you’ll see a return over time. Ridesharing is at its peak popularity, especially in cities with scarce public transportation.

2. Create a Blog

Blogging is a popular platform for sharing ideas — you can write about virtually anything. Consider what your interests are, how much you know about them and how you can transform them into something others will want to read. You may enjoy aviation shows, but if you go only once a year, you may not have enough information to base a blog on. You don’t need expert-level experience though — learning as you go will make you relatable to your audience.

The most important thing about blogging is consistency. Create a posting schedule. You don’t need to post every day, but you should do so enough to promote your platform and provide dependable content. People love bloggers they can rely on for fresh content.

3. Start a Ninja Warrior Gym

Ever seen those ninja warrior TV shows and thought they looked fascinating? With some research and a solid business plan, you can start your own gym. The fitness industry is booming, raking in over $30 billion in the U.S. every year, but there aren’t enough ninja warrior gyms to go around. You, however, can change that. Use your business savvy to conceive a structure for your company, and reach out to fitness gurus and legal counselors for advice.

Once your plan solidifies, narrow your focus to your local area. Conduct some market research and scout for optimal locations. What successful qualities do other fitness centers in your area possess, and what do people like most about them?

4. Sell Items on eBay or Etsy

Have a talent for creating pretty trinkets? Sell your goods on vending sites like eBay or Etsy. Etsy gears itself specifically toward handmade items, so consider this site first if you’re an artist. The site doesn’t accept commercially produced items unless they’re vintage, but that doesn’t mean you have to construct your goods from scratch. Send some materials out for manufacturing while you create the rest yourself.

You can sell almost anything — within reason — on eBay, so expertise with a paintbrush isn’t necessary to turn a profit. eBay has the added feature of auctioning, which creates value for rare and antique items you’d sell for less elsewhere.

5. Be a Movie Extra

Maybe you dreamed of being a movie star as an adolescent but abandoned those fantasies once life struck. Turn up the spotlight and revive your dreams, because you can make your way into the entertainment industry through another avenue — apply to be a movie extra. Stand in the background and look good, and you’re halfway there. You don’t need any prior acting experience, but you should be able to follow directions well, as scenes usually require multiple takes.

Go directly to casting company websites to look for available jobs, or respond to open casting calls. Pay depends on location and what companies can offer, but extras in big cities like Los Angeles and New York can make $170 or more a day.

6. Tutor Students Online

You’re worldly and wise, so why not pass that knowledge on? Whether you’re great at English, geometry or science, there will be students who need your help. Teaching English as a second language has become a common way to make money remotely, and students need SAT tutors every year. Some ESL companies require a bachelor’s degree, while others want a teaching certificate, so ensure you meet the requirements before applying.

Most tutoring services will require training, but once you pass, you’ll be ready to go. You’ll need a good internet connection and a functional webcam. Many online tutoring services aim for young children — middle school and below — but you can search for opportunities to teach high schoolers and college students as well.

7. Write Greeting Cards

If you have a Shakespearian way with words, consider writing for greeting card companies. Greeting cards are short and don’t require the writing time a blog post or book would call for, and you can submit photos and artwork too. Pen a few lines on your lunch break or in between feeding the young ones, and you’ll soon have a plethora of witty sayings. You can earn between $50 and $300 for your accepted submissions, which adds up over time — especially if you submit often.

Make Money in New Ways

These tips provide alternatives to the usual fast food and retail options, so experiment with your tastes. There’s no wrong answer for what you choose to do — just make sure you enjoy it.