Simon and Chester Super Detectives!

Simon and Chester Super Detectives! – When you’re bored, you just want something to do! When you’re best friend is a ghost, the possibilities are endless. Mystery, Excitement, Detectives and cookies make this action packed graphic novel a fun and hilarious read.

Simon and Chester

Meet Simon, he’s a ghost and he is best friends with Chester, an imaginative little boy desperate for some fun and adventure. After grandmother goes out with a friend, will the adventure begin? It is one of those boring days. Chester explores his grandmother’s attic and finds the coolest detective hats! The duo become detectives but what mystery should they solve? As they explore Chester’s grandmother’s house they find a small and happy pug! Whose pug is this and why is it in Grandmother’s house?

A Book For Advanced Readers and Reluctant Readers

This graphic novel is great for advanced readers and reluctant readers alike. We find that graphic novels are an advanced readers way of sitting back and enjoying great illustration and a good story line. For reluctant readers, it opens them up to bigger words and more complex situations and causes them to imagine. When a story line has action and humor as Simon and Chester series does, it encourages the reluctant reader. It also helps bond advanced and reluctant readers to bond over the same book.

This book is not only hilarious and fun but it also builds the confidence of a reluctant reader to fall in love with reading. Author Cale Atkinson is all about balance. He writes a book that is balanced by adventure and hilarity and balances a book that encourages the reluctant reader to fall in love with reading. Lastly, Cale knows how to create a series that all readers will like and that helps reluctant readers bond over a good story with their advanced reading friends.

Simon and Chester solve the mystery, but you will never guess how! Make sure to buy this amazing Tundra book as soon as possible.

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