Single Moms keep it all together. They work, take care of their children and manage so many things at once. They deserve their own anthem to keep them motivated. There are a lot of great single Mom songs. We have compiled some of the best to keep single Moms upbeat and ready to take on anything for their family.

Why Single Mom Songs Are So Important

To some, they are just like any other song. As long as a song has a good hook and beat, people are happy. To some single Moms, it is more than just a song, its an anthem. Day after day, single parents around the world make it work. They do the work of what is usually many people and balance it all.

Songs that are dedicated to single Moms are so important. It can be an empowering song, that gives them the pat on the back that they deserve. The “I’ve got this” mantra is so healthy and if this song continues to lift a single parent’s spirits, then it has done its job.

Alternatively, a single mom song can actually be a motivation. It can be what picks you up when you are struggling. A single mom song can help you get through a very hard day. It can be the song that you play to help you continue.

Lastly, it can be a song that lifts you up. When all else fails, a good single mom song can be the song you need to get up and try again. Life has a way of knocking us down from time to time. It can be harder with single parents. A great single parent song or single mom song can be what gets us through the day and know that no matter what happens, it’s going to be okay.

Music has a way of empowering us, helping us and being a crutch when we feel weak. A good song can be an anthem, a motivation or a pick me up for some single parents.

Strong Mom Songs

We can’t think of anything better than songs that inspire Moms. They do so much so they deserve to feel empowered, validated and listen to some great music. Here are just a few of the great songs that single Moms can relate to.

I’m A Survivor Reba Mc Entire

Reba Mc Entire has created the anthem for single Moms. I’m A Survivor is a hit and a timeless song. It also was the theme song for the show Reba, a hit series about a suddenly single Mom whose husband has left her for his employee. She deals with raising her kids, keeping their house and the surprise pregnancy of her teenaged daughter and her boyfriend.

Life can be very hard but this song let’s Moms pat themselves on the back. They are surviving!

Somebodies Hero Jamie O’Neal

This song really questions what we call a hero. Is a hero someone who sings to millions or hits a home run? Or is it the people working hard everyday keeping things together and loving everyone in their life. This song is a great reminder for everyone, including single Moms that someone thinks you are the most important person in the world, for just being you and doing what you do!

Single Ladies Beyonce

Single Ladies by Beyonce is not just a song, it is an anthem! The song Single ladies everywhere love this fun and addictive song. If you are out with your friends or just looking for a song to bring up your mood, this is the song!

She’s A Single Mother – Highway 211 Band

A single Mom is left alone to raise her child without any help from her spouse. How does she find the strength? She always makes it through. This one may need a box of a kleenex but it highlights the everyday heroes that are with us everyday. She never gives in or ever gives up.

Fighter – Christina Aguilera

This song is about gratitude to those who did not believe she could do it. Christina is known for her women empowerment songs and this song is one of those single mom songs that gets stuck in your head when you need it the most. Use this song to motivate you when times get tough, or to celebrate when there is a major mom win.

Superwoman – Alicia Keyes

This song is here for every superwoman making it work every single day. For many parents who listen to this song, it makes them feel like they are in control and empowered by the music. They can get through whatever challenges that they are facing at that moment.

Waterproof Mascara – Sheryl Crow

This song by the famous Sheryl Crow highlights the triumphs and tribulations that many single moms go through every single day. However, it is also worth mentioning that this song is also about moving forward even though one has been wronged by those that you love. Even though this single Mom’s heart is guarded, she manages to start dating again when she is ready,

Kristinia DeBarge – Goodbye

For the new single Moms who just got out of a relationship or marriage, this Goodbye song is like an anthem. It did not work out but you’re not looking back, you’re ready for your new beginning! A great song for single Moms who are not looking back, or who are and need a motivational song to keep forward.

Lee Ann Womack I Hope You Dance

When we leave a marriage or a long term relationship, sometimes we realize we are missing ourselves. This song reminds you to remember who you are as you move forward and make a change. Single Moms who are moving forward may find this song as a great motivator.

Destiny’s Child Independent Women

Independence is not easy for some when you are working and parenting for two people by yourself. Destiny’s Child Independent Women is a song about appreciation. Everyone who is working hard, buying what you need, living the way you want, deserves a pat on the back. Bonus points for those who watch Charlie’s Angels in conjunction with this song.

Touch The Sky – Brave Movie

For the Disneyphile, a great single Mom song can come from a Disney movie! Touch the Sky from the Brave movie is motivating. As you start this journey, you can begin to achieve your goals with your family.

Speechless Aladdin The Live Soundtrack

This song is for you if anyone has ever doubted you. You have the power to overcome. You are strong and though you have haters, doubters and bad experiences, you can still pick up yourself and continue on. Single Moms know what is best for them and no one can make you feel bad. The Speechless song is one of those “pick me up” songs that people love.

Bonus Single Mom Podcast

Who can forget our podcast with Tammy Rabideau, who went from homeless with her daughter to New York Times Modern Love Columnist. Her fantastic spirit is an inspiration to all single Moms.

Single Mom Songs

Single Moms do it all. They take care of their children, work and cook and clean. They manage to be awesome with little to no help and keep it together. Having a playlist of the best single Mom songs is a great way to motivate, empower of lift up a person when they are down. These single mom songs are dedicated to you! A great single mom song playlist.

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