Six Tips To Help You Stick To Healthy Eating Habits During Pregnancy

healthy eating during

By: Anita Ginsburg

When you are pregnant, it is okay to eat a bit more than you typically would, but what you eat is still important. Craving junk food is a common experience during pregnancy, and hunger can drive you to make poor food choices. Establishing a plan for these eventualities can help you stay on track.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Skipping breakfast is a good way to make sure you binge on junk food around lunchtime. Don’t let yourself get hungry enough to slip up. Start your day with a healthful meal, such as oatmeal and fruit or fortified cereal. Now, you may experience nausea in the morning, so just remember to eat something filling and nutritious as soon as you are able.

Vary Your Meals
It is important to keep the food groups in mind when you are pregnant. If you are prone to eating a lot of fruit, but no grain or a lot of fats and few vegetables, it’s time to start mixing things up. Keep a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, fats, grains and proteins on hand. This makes it easy to get the nutrients you need.

Keep Alternatives for Saturated Fats on Hand
Saturated fat leads to high cholesterol, which leads to a host of other problems. Unfortunately, saturated fats are in some very tasty foods, such as cheese, salad dressing, desserts and sweet beverages. If you like these foods, purchase the low fat versions, so you can satisfy your cravings without harming your body.

Prepare Healthy Snacks
One of the reasons pregnant women eat fast food and junk food is because it is a quicker fix than healthy food. The trick is to make healthy choices as readily available and easy to snack on as their unhealthy counterparts. For example, grill chicken breasts, slice them and keep them handy for dipping in low fat dressing instead of grabbing fried chicken. Make a fruit salad and reach for that instead of snack cakes when you need a sweet fix. Consider making rice pudding with white quinoa  for a healthier snack for the next few days.

Buy Foods That Are High in Fiber
To put it delicately, fiber will keep you regular during your pregnancy. It also helps you feel full. Foods with good fiber include enriched whole grain bread, fruit, vegetables, cereal and rice. Stock up on these foods.

Buy Foods With Lots of Iodine
Iodine ensures that your baby’s nervous system develops properly. In order to get enough–250 micrograms daily–eat foods that are rich in iodine or fortified. This includes seafood and dairy products. Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on the saturated fats in your dairy.

Healthy eating during pregnancy doesn’t have to be tough. Keeping the above tips in mind and making sure to keep your cupboard stocked with the right treats will make it easier for you. Of course, do not forget to take your pregnancy supplements to make getting the right nutrients a little less difficult.