Skidoo Into ABCs Book Blue’s Clues and You! – It is time to help your child leap forward to learn ABCs with Blue, your child’s favorite learning dog! Skidoo Into ABCs Book is fun, full of learning and excitement for your little one! Now available at Walmart!

Designed by Leap Frog, Blues Clues is ready to go through your ABCs. With his trusted friends Josh Magenta, It is time to skidoo into this fun and interactive ABCs book.

How it Works

For ages 2 and up, your child will learn the ABCs with Blue. Firstly, it’s time to help Josh learn his letters! They will explore the whole alphabet using the colorful buttons that light up. Your child will be asked questions about the alphabet to get them excited about the alphabet! There are 3 important learning modes:

  1. Letters – Learn your letters with Blue! Press a button when you have found a letter and play along!
  2. Skidoo- Press the button to play. Find one of the four buttons located in the middle of the book to show what you have found. Turn the page to hunt for things that start which each letter of the alphabet.
  3. Music- Make music together! Turn the pages and press buttons to hear some special sounds from each picture from the alphabet. This will help your child identify different letters, what words they start with and sounds!

*Don’t forget to press Blue’s paw to play a search and find game or play a cool song!

*There is an automatic shut off just in case your little one takes a long break.

How It Looks

The Book is durable for your little one to carry around with them! We love the colorful pictures and interaction with the bright buttons ready to take our little one on a new adventure. There are two different sound options. The three different types of interactive games are perfect. For quiet time, let your child just flip through the book and see their letters. This was created with so much brilliance. It is not about your child memorizing the alphabet, it is about them understanding the alphabet. With Skidoo Into ABCs book, it makes learning fun! In weeks your child will have a better grasp on the alphabet, sounds and words that start with each letter. Each word is easily identifiable and something your child can find around the house or within their community.

Stepping Stones To Recognizing Letters, Words and Reading

It is time to get excited. Your child will begin to learn the stages of reading with this book. Alphabet identification and word association is the foundation to a great reader. Start your child early! Lastly, you will be surprised how Skidoo Into ABCs book will launch your child into reading.