It has been a year since I have re-entered the workforce and it has been a slow transition in finding the balance between my full-time job, being a mom and being a blogger.

When I shared the news that I was re-entering the workforce, I was filled with array of emotions as I had no idea how I was going to manage and to boot entering a field that I have never been in before; the construction world.

It is an industry that many of my family members are accustomed to as many of them are highly skilled trade workers. But one that I only saw from afar as it wasn’t an interest of mine…Until I became part of it. My job is on the administrative side of the industry but I have been immersed into much more where I am reading blue prints to doing site visits (that is my favorite part!). It is a fascinating world and I am learning so much each and every day.

During The Day

My days start early and end late but yet there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done on my checklist but then it is carried over to the next day (I love checklists). This has been the routine that I have adapted over the year and one that has helped me balance it all. I am fortunate to have some support around me to help when I am running late from work or have a special Momma Braga assignment to do. I can’t even thank my family enough for helping me care for my daughter when those situations arise.

The year as a working mom has been full of ups, downs and some really ugly moments. It was a year that has made me grow in abundance. My confidence grew each day as a professional, person and mother. It was a year that I saw my daughter grow more independently and becoming her own person with her very own sassy personality. 😉


Our family reached milestones through my first working year after a three absence such as our ability to move into a home of our own; learning to let go; adjusting to longer commutes; and adjusting all our routines that best worked for us.

It has been a slow process adjusting our routine from a stay-at-home to working mom. I had one more work scope added to my life job description. I had to make sure that my time was managed well and to ensure that I did not forget the most important job of all: to be a mother to my daughter.

No matter what I have going on at work or with my blog, my daughter always comes first. This is why weekends are extra special. It is our time together without too much of the hustle and bustle of the work week. We schedule our time with family and friends or we do fun family outings.

Finding Balance

So how do I balance it all? I take it a day at a time (even though I sometimes feel that I can do it all in one day, but don’t we all?!).

Using checklists helps to keep track of what is on the go at home, work and with my blog. I have also learned to ask for help when I need backup which is so hard for me to do as I am not one that enjoys asking for help. But it is a skill that is necessary to keep our sanity. I have also learned to better manage my time and try not to over commit myself. It is hard for me to do as I love helping everyone. But I remind myself that no matter how much I wish, I am NOT superwoman. I am okay with that.

I haven’t mastered our routine and am always looking for ways to improve the way we do things in our home. There is no such thing as perfect so our goal is to just make our daily lives pleasant.

Giving Thanks

Above all, I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given as a person, professional and as a blogger. It has been a great year and I couldn’t do it without my amazing village of family, friends and fans! Thank you everyone for reading along as you made 2017 the best year yet!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

By: Momma Braga