Top 10 EASY Small Nursery Ideas

When searching for nursery inspiration, many families want ideas that suit their room size. For many families, they have a beautiful and small nursery to work with. Small nursery ideas can have to be organized, full of inspiration and be visually appealing. We have some top nursery ideas for small rooms that will help you get inspired!

10 Small Nursery Ideas That Are Easy To Do

Small nurseries can be the most beautiful nurseries out there! We have some tricks and hacks that will make your small nursery not only beautiful, but functional! Here are the top small nursery ideas that you are going to love!

Where To Start With A Small Nursery

Whether you have small nursery ideas for a girl or small nursery ideas for a boy, one thing remains the same. Where to start! Your focal point will be your crib so after you have chosen the perfect crib for your baby that fits your nursery, its time to paint this beautiful room.

Since many people want the crib as the focal point, you want the small nursery paint to compliment the furniture.

Using an Accent Wall In A Nursery

One way people draw attention to the crib instead of the size of the room is by painting an accent wall. From bold colors to something that compliments a main pain color, an accent wall can make a nursery pop!

Choosing Light Colors to Paint Nursery Walls

Light colors make rooms look like they’re bigger than they actually are! The small nursery will feel like it has more space . You can make any color work!

Small Nursery Furniture

Organize A Small Nursery

Small nursery furniture is important. You have to choose wisely to make sure that everything can fit. And still have a functioning nursery. Here are some of our top small nursery furniture tips when choosing the perfect pieces for a room:

Use the Top of a Dresser as a Change Table

Finding a dresser that can double as the top of a change table can save space. Use one of the top drawers to store all of your diapers or wipes. Buy a changing pad to go on the top of the dresser for extra comfort.

Find a Crib That You can Put Storage Baskets at the Bottom

Cribs are the most important piece of furniture in a nursery! It is where your baby will sleep. Storage is also of huge importance in small nurseries. You can either get a mini crib which is not as bulky or if you desire a traditional sized crib, try to find one that allows you to store fancy bins at the bottom. These bins can be used for baby blankets, toys and so much more and eliminate a lot of the clutter that comes with a nursery.

Small Nursery Shelves

Shelving is everything in a small nursery! When you have a small room of any kind, you must always build up! From floating shelves to regular shelves, store books, ornaments and so much more in beautifully placed shelving units.

Shelving is also perfect if you cannot fix a bookcase into your small nursery. They are excellent for storage and there are so many ways to display your shelves in your small nursery

A Bookcase for a Small Nursery

If space permits, an elegant bookcase can be the perfect place for books, toys, storage and so much more. Arranged anyway you want, a bookcase can provide you the space. IKEA has many affordable bookcases that can work in so many different spaces.

Small Nursery Storage Ideas

When you have a small nursery, storage is so important. Check out these small nursery storage ideas:

Build Up! – Use shelving to store everything. Instead of building out with bulky furniture, build up with a modern and sleek shelf set. Keep fragile ornaments up high and store those adorable baby books and other trinkets on the shelves. You can come up with endless possibilities!

Storage Bins for a Small Nursery

Storage bins are inexpensive and look great in a nursery. With so many designs and sizes, you can use them just about anywhere! From bookshelves to under the crib to shelving units, you can find a place to store everything that is important. Storage bins also can be used well into childhood and be repurposed for other things. They really are a perfect buy for a small nursery.

Storage bins are also great for being your answer to baby clothes storage ideas for small spaces. You can put clothes that don’t fit your baby yet or have these adorable bins for clothes that are too small. This is one of our favorite nursery ideas for small spaces.

Rugs for Small Nursery

A nice soft rug is perfect for a small nursery. If you have a room with floors, a patterned rug can really bring out the nursery. It is comfy, cost effective and makes the nursery feel like home.

Exterior Clothing Racks

If you do not have a closet and you need and extra space for racks, consider putting racks on your nursery wall! Lily Pebbles did such an extraordinary job creating chic and organized exterior clothing racks in her small nursery. Check out Lily’s small nursery and how this exterior clothing rack really compliments the room nicely, while giving the nursery more storage options.

Removing the Closet Door

Some small rooms sometimes have this closet door that swings out and takes up space. Be bold and REMOVE the closet door. Some mica nurseries even put the crib into the closest without the door present. Others use it for storage and separate the closet from the room itself with cloth. There are so many different options.

Over The Door Hanging Organizer

Storage on the back of a door? Yes, you can store light items on the back of your door with an over the door hanging organizer. This organizer is incredible for storing everything from diapers to little toys and accessories. Make things easy without taking up space.


These nursery ideas for small rooms will help you create your ideal nursery. You do not need to have a huge room to make your own small dream nursery!


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