Smell My Foot!


Brain and Chick are best friends, but Chick thinks Brain is not that smart. Little does Chick know, she is about to learn a BIG LESSON. This Newbery Honor Winner book Smell My Foot by Cece Bell is about friendship, trust and knowing your surroundings.

A Version of “Smart”

Chick is polite and knows manners well. Brain, not so much. Brain is still trying to learn his pleases and thank yous and Chick is constantly reminding him. Brain wants everyone to smell his foot but does not even say “please” first. Chick is bombarded with teaching Brain over and over, say you’re pleases and thank-yous! Chick is convinced that Brain is not smart and decides to tell him.

When Chick and Brain are introduced to Spot, a very hungry and sneaky dog, Chick is the only one invited for supper. Brain realizes that despite his bad manners, his friend may be in a difficult situation. Will Brain come to the rescue? Will Chick realize that there are many ways to show your intelligence?

Reading With Your Child

Cece Bell has created a beginners chapter book that is perfect for your budding reader. If you have a young child who is really looking forward to diving into their first chapter book or a struggling reader who needs to feel comfortable getting their reading rhythm, this book is perfect.

It has humor, which is great for the young reader to really understand what they’re reading and really get into the story. The book has a problem that needs to be solved and a secondary problem that links with the first problem. This allows your child to build problematic thoughts and link stories for a more advanced reading level. The main plot is that Brain has bad manners and the secondary plot is that Chick has misunderstood Brains skills when Chick needs rescuing from the sneaky Spot.

Your child will take command of this book and learn some new words and concepts in the process. We can’t think of a better way to start!

The Illustrations

The illustrations are fantastic. These simple drawings are something your artistic child would like to mimic. They bring hilarity to the child about the hilarious Brain trying to ask Chick and Spot to smell his foot. Hilarious!

Family Gathering

This book is great for young readers who just want to hear a great story and your enthusiastic child who wants to dive into chapter books. It is also excellent for your child who is a struggling reader. It will get them interested in chapter reading and it has a fantastic hilarious story that will make your child laugh. It will give your children command of the book where they can feel comfortable reading. They will also learn new words! Your children can all gather together to get confident reading or just to hear a great story! This is the genius of Cece Bell.

Smell My Foot

A must have in your bookcase, Smell My Foot is a book that can grow with your child. From hearing a hilarious story to reading your first chapter book, Smell My Foot is a must have for any child for their personal library.


Get your child to create puppets of characters Brain, Chick and Spot. Cut them out and use Popsicle sticks to create a play based on the book! Be sure to tag us #thebabyspot #smellmyfoot and #candlewickpress!