Smell Proof Bags – Smelly Proof Storage Bags

When we are looking for a bag, we want a bag that when we open it up, it does not have an odor. We also want a bag that when we store food in it, it doesn’t smell. It would be an added bonus to have storage bags that are reusable. We want smell proof bags!

When we search online for smell proof bags, we find posts about multiple bags to choose from and why they are great and why they are not so great. We don’t want to take risks at buying a product that does not suit us! Parents don’t have the time to test, they need answers so they can keep their house running. As a magazine for families,  we need smell proof bags that are going to be enough to store family sized food, have various sizes, be resuable and most of all, be smell proof! It did not take us long in our search to find the perfect smell proof storage bags. We love Smelly Proof Storage bags!

Why We Need Storage Like This

smell proof bags

Smelly Proof Bags are the bags that keep food fresh longer! Many families love to cook and find themselves cooking at home in the kitchen three meals a day and snacks. A lot of families like to prepare meals for the future and of course, with kids, there is always lots of leftovers!

We need a place to store this food as it goes into the fridge and out of the fridge quickly. We also need strong bags for longer term storage for those yummy meals for later.

Smell Proof Bags… and so much more!

There is so many awesome attributes to these bags that are so helpful for families. We love that each bag is made from reusable nylon. It also has a re-enforced extra-strength poly seals in odors for months! Many parents love to cook meals weeks in advance. With so many meal prep Pinterest challenges, YouTube Videos and clubs you can join, parents now more than ever are ready to prepare meals so they are on top of their families busy schedules! Having strong re-enforced bags lets you pre-cut your ingredients and store meals for the family. If a parent is away on a business trip or coming home late, this makes it easy for older children to just take their meal out of the bag and put it into the oven.


These days, families are tough! They are running around trying to prepare meals while balancing after school schedules. They need tough food storage that is going to withstand food, kids, and being reused time and time again.  The Smelly Proof heavy duty bags are a dual-track leak proof zipper seal. No leaks, no stress. Each bag is tear and puncture resistant. This brand understands that with children, accidents do happen and families can be rough with their products.

Families need durable bags to keep their food fresh, easy to get out but sealed safely.


When using bags, we want to make sure we are safe, especially when using it to store food. We love that Smelly Proof Storage Bags are not only FDA approved but BPA free. They also meet and exceed USDA standards. You’re safe to know that this product goes above and beyond!

They’re Welcome Everywhere

Bring your smell proof bags camping, on trips anywhere! Pack snacks for the kids at the beach. These bags are meant to go on every adventure you are looking for!

Wherever you are and no matter how big your family is, Smelly Proof is there for you and your family.

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