Snow Falls


Winter is magical and author Kate Gardner is ready to teach your young child how special snow can be. Snow Falls is a book about snow. Learn how snow moves, feels, looks and makes us fall in love.


With the perfect illustrations of Emmy nominative creative director and illustrator Brandon James Scott, the snow becomes alive for your child. We see a little girl and her dog set out and enjoy every snow filled moment to the fullest extent. From sliding down the snowy hills of her small village to getting comfy by the cozy fire as Dad naps in the background, snow gives excitement to the young reader and brings back wonderful memories to the parent.

The title page has very special glittery snowflakes while the rest of the book has beautiful illustrations. Kate Gardner has a special magic of writing minimal appealing words for your child to completely digest and hold close to them as they fall in love with snow.


This is a perfect book for your preschooler to fall in love with snow, your young reader to read and start planning their next snowy adventure and a great way for you to reflect on all of your childhood memories of snowy days. Another winner from Tundra.


Have your child write and/or draw their favorite snowy moments. If you live in a hot place, get your child to draw how much fun they would have in the snow. Don’t forget your hat and mittens!

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