Soapsox Makes Bath Time Fun!





Children love to have fun in the bath but sometimes they want to take their stuffed animals in the bath with them! SoapSox has a great idea where you can bring members of the SoapSox family, that provide endless fun for your children and keep them clean! But how?

SoapSox are cuddly companions that you can actually take in the tub! Play with them, cuddle, snuggle, whatever your children want! A patented soap pocked transforms these lovable play toys into sudsy wash cloths! All you need to do is just at soap, lather and then scrub. Clean kids who are having a blast in the tub! It makes bath time fun!


We recommend you get all six of these adorable little characters and sit back while your child puts on his or her first bath tub play for you!

We have to share a secret, SoapSox has three more characters on the way and they are equally adorable to their friends. You can pre-order them.

Allow your children to have fun in the bath while getting clean with Soapsox, the 2 in 1 lovable friends for the tub!

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