Image result for baby teether, silicone baby teethingIf you are a baby at your home then you are aware of the pain that he teething can cause him. During this time the gums are too much sore and it is necessary to give them baby teether and Silicone Baby teething toys so that they can chew them to minimize their pain. Between the four to six months the first baby teeth will appear. These baby teethers are safe for your baby once you adopt some safety rings. In this article, we are going to tell some of these tips to you to make these teethers and toys safe for your baby.  Let’s discuss the topic in complete detail.

Never Think to Freeze them

Cool things can provide them relief from the pain they experience from the sore gums but you should not freeze them. Freezing makes them harder and it can injure your baby delicate gums. The extreme cold teething toys can cause frost bites on your baby lips and gums. So to avoid these problems it is better to refrigerate them instead of freezing them. They will be comforted with these cool temperature teething rings and silicone teething toys. Make sure they are not cold enough to harm them.

Never Use Toxic Chemicals on them

There are many types of teething rings and teethers that contain dangerous chemicals such as phthalates. This chemical is added to these teethers to make them soft. This chemical is seriously dangerous and can cause many disorders in future life like birth defects, Low weight, and future infertility. Other diseases caused by this chemical are asthma, obesity, and many other serious diseases. So Europe has banned the use of this chemical in baby teethers. There are some states in the United States that are still permitting the use of this chemical. So to avoid this chemical you have to carefully read the label and if it is no clearly written on the label you can confirm it from the manufacturer.

Avoid Baby Teethers with Liquid Fillings

There are many teethers that are filled with liquid and for the safety of your baby, you have to avoid them. The bit can cause the chemical or liquid to spill out and is can cause serious danger to your baby. It can be contaminated a lot and they can have high of bacteria. So choose a baby teether that is made of the firm material.

Never Choose Small Pieces

Some baby teethers have small pieces and they are really dangerous for your baby. Some rings are decorated with small beads and some have rattles on them to give them perfect decoration. These are no doubt very entertaining for your baby but on the other hand, they are highly hazardous. These small beads and rattles can be chewed by the baby and lodged in their throat. So to avoid these dangers you should choose a one piece baby teether that is free from these beads.

Teething is a very unpleasant time for your baby and you can soothe our baby with these baby teethers.