Soothe Those Tough Teething Days With Camilia!

As a parent, nothing is more exciting than that first tooth beginning to show in your little one’s mouth. Their gummy smile is soon filled with those pearly white teeth! However, the process of getting those beautiful teeth is tough on babies.

Not only does your child have teeth slowly and painfully pushing their way to the surface, but your baby can also suffer from restlessness, irritability and even diarrhea due to teething. How can a parent calm their child and give them the relief that they are looking for. The answer is Camilia.


The teething process generally occurs in eight day cycles. Your baby can suffer from teething related symptoms, four days before tooth eruption and three days following eruption. What follows is pain, red swollen gums and red hot cheeks. Expect your child to drool, bite objects and rub their gums with anything that can provide temporary relief. Their bums may be red and their mood may change as well. Parents can also expect their child’s sleeping patterns to be interrupted during this time.

What Camilia Relieves

Camilia relieves throbbing gums, pain, restlessness, irritability and diarrhea due to teething. Specially made for babies and toddlers (ages 1 to 30 months) it is made with sterile water and it has no sugar, no colouring and most importantly, no preservatives.

Using Camilia is simple. Hold your baby in a seated position and simply squeeze the entire contents of one single use unit dose into your baby’s mouth. Keep the remaining unit doses in the aluminum pouch. The aluminum pouch offers better protection for the doses and is more convenient. The pouches can be carried everywhere, from your diaper bag to your home pharmacy. Available in boxes of 10 or 20 liquid unit doses (1mL per dose) Camilia does not require any special storage conditions. That is a relief to the busy parent who is always on the go!


Give 3-6 unit doses every 24 hours during a period of 3-8 days.

This easy to administer neutral tasting drinkable unit dose brings relief to baby, which brings relief to parents.

Don’t miss your baby’s beautiful smile! Get your baby smiling again with Camilia!

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