Speak and Learn Puppy Review


Speak and Learn Puppy Review- Let your toddler learn and discover conversation, storytelling, ABCs and so much more with Leap Frog Speak and Learn Puppy! Meet your child’s new friend Bailey. This adorable little pup is just what your toddler needs to improve on their learning skills and most of all, to have a lot of fun!

The Buttons that make it All Happen

Bailey is full of fun, information and adventure. There are four interactive buttons with Bailey.


Babble Button

Babble Button

– This is where the learning begins! Click the babble button (which is actually a LED collar) to talk back and forth with this adorable pup.


Talk Button

– The symbol is the purple paw. Press this button to answer Bailey’s fun and interactive questions and create adorable stories with your tot and Bailey.


Star Button

– The one with the orange star. It’s time to learn your ABC’s! Bailey teaches letter sounds and counting.


Music Button

– The music note allows your child to listen to some fun and dance worth songs. There are three different ones for your child to learn and dance to.


Don’t forget that Bailey loves to flap their ears!


Talk Back And Forth


The Speak and Learn Puppy learns to talk back and forth with you. Simply place your finger on the dog’s collar and your precious pet will repeat what you say! This is a great way for your child to begin conversation skills. Bailey is so happy and interactive, your child will love talking back and forth with Bailey.


Bailey the Interactive Speaking Puppy


Leap Frog Speak and Learn Puppy

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This puppy is awesome! Bailey is an interactive speaking puppy that has not only the talk back feature to develop social skills and conversation but has a lot of songs and activities.

Trying to figure out a way to introduce animals to your toddler? Bailey has songs an activities to cover just that.

Begin that STEM training early with Bailey. Introduce numbers to your child and get them to start counting. They will be a pro in no time!

Bailey also talks about feelings and letters. There is also an interactive light up collar that encourages discovery and adventure.


What Bailey is like


The songs are so adorable! Your child will love holding Bailey. This pup is so soft and cuddly. When you press Bailey’s musical back paw, your child will get to sing songs with Bailey, get up and dance and of course giggle at Bailey’s adorable waving ears. Don’t be surprised if you hear your toddler singing a new tune or two! There are three songs for your child to enjoy. From wiggling your ears to a cool rap about counting from one to five. Your child will not only start to count, but learn to count with ease. That goes for an adorable song about all of the letters of the alphabet!

In the end, your child is not only learning how to hold a conversation by repeating and building stories, but they are always learning the three levels of language play.

Repeating words

Answering questions

Creating stories using their own voice


Get Interactive


Touch Bailey’s top paw and your child will learn to follow instructions from Bailey. Learn how to wiggle your ears or count, it is so much fun for a toddler!

Press the button with the purple paw button and your child gets to actually build a story with Bailey. We have never seen this feature before! This is a great way for your child to build a story with their best buddy Bailey. Your favorite pup will ask your child to say a word or a phrase. Your child will repeat it and Bailey will begin a story with that key word or phrase. Will your child build on the story or just sit back and repeat the words and listen to what Bailey has to say? Either way, your child is learning story telling skills, memory recognition and cognitive skills.

Learn Your Letter Sounds

Perhaps your tot knows some of their letters but the correct sound is not quite there. Bailey will say the ABCs in song with your child and your child will start to pick up on annunciating each letter and learn how to say it in the correct order.


This is one of our most favorite toys of the year. Bailey the Speak and Learn Puppy from Leap Frog blows us away with all of the cool and interactive elements. Your child will learn so many skills and also get a new cuddly little friend. This is one of our favorite toys to date. You have to get this for the little person in your life.

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