Introducing Spokes


I was never one to join the diet train. Fad diets were not my thing. But when I realized how much sugar I was consuming, my partner and I decided to cut sugar out of our diet. Yes, that means no chocolate. I am a chocoholic! The experience has been a challenge at first, with the first few weeks craving the sweet stuff. I was stuck. I wanted a nice snack but something that was healthier but still going to be delicious. When I was introduced to Spokes, I knew I was going to be satisfied. This naturally simple and delicious air puffed potato snack is now my go to snack when I want something yummy, but won’t ruin my healthier lifestyle.

The Healthier Alternative Is Delicious

I was delighted to know that Spokes puffed snacks are never oil friend. Then why do they taste so good? I learned that they are hot air puffed (yum) and then misted slightly with sunflower oil to give that delicious crunch. They believe that food should not be complicated and now that I am eating healthier, I wholeheartedly agree. This company is on my wavelength and I have to share it with you.

There are no preservatives, gluten free and Spokes is made in a peanut free facility. That means it is inclusive to many diets, preferences and allergies. We can all enjoy Spokes without worrying that our friends cannot eat the same delicious snack that we are having! This is perfect for parties.

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Spokes Has The Best Flavors

The most important thing that got me excited about Spokes is the flavors that they have. Don’t make me choose my favorite! I got to try Barbeque (great for people who want to exchange chips for Spokes, this will be an easy transition for you) Mango Habanero (a delicious combination, seems to satisfy my sweet tooth!) and Sea Salt. Not only is each flavor delicious but it is only 40 calories per cup! There are so many other flavors to try, I can’t wait to sample each. I love this brand so much I could be a Spokes Ambassador!

This Canadian company is available at so many Canadian grocers.

I realized that eating healthier does not have to be so hard. You definitely do not have to give up taste in order to eat healthier and when you snack, you can have a delicious treat without ruining your new, healthier lifestyle. Spokes is now my go to snack! My eating lifestyle is to have something simple and delicious and Spokes creates simple and delicious air puffed snacks.