Stay At Home Mom Jobs


If you are a stay at home parent, you may still need to make some money to help support the family. Your partner may be bringing in a full time income but sometimes that is not enough in today’s world for the essentials. We have some great ideas for stay at home mom jobs to help you make a part time or full time income to help support your family.


What is a stay at home job?


A stay at home job is going to be something that you can do throughout the day. It may be somewhat at your leisure that you can do without leaving the home. This is great for parents with young children at home or children who come home at about 3pm after school. You can work on this job after your children go to bed and you can have somewhat of a flexible schedule with this job.


Like traditional jobs, you would be able to be paid regularly or per job. In this list below, you can expect both part time and full time job ideas and jobs that are paid by salary or on a project basis.


It is important that you get into the right mindset to get a stay at home job. It is not the same as a traditional job. You have to be creative! Here is the mindset you should get into to get a stay at home job.

Be Entrepreneurial

Have an entrepreneurs mind. You are asking for nontraditional hours and a good wage. Think about businesses that you can start to allow you a flexible work/ life schedule. Think outside of the box.

Know Your Skillset

You may have had a stable career before you became a stay at home parent or maybe did have not had an opportunity to develop job skills to start a career before you became a stay at home parent. Know your talents and what you love to do. Your talents and passions will be the driving force to helping you find work.

Don’t Take a Job that You Cannot Commit to

Sometimes when we are not finding what we want, we make concessions that we cannot stick to. It would be very difficult to work during the time you are taking care of the children. Make concessions but do not sway too much that this will not work with your stay at home life style. You have other obligations and responsibilities

Know it’s About Balance

When you find that perfect stay at home job, you are going to have to find balance between caring for your children and working this job. Make sure to choose something that respects your time but also where you are making a wage that is competitive and fair. Remember that your time is the most valuable thing and that you deserve to work a job that is going to pay you for your hard work.

What If you do Not Have Any Work Experience?

There is something for everyone! With no experience but a lot of entrepreneurial motivation, you can create a job just for you. If not, try to think of your talents and passions and explain to your potential employer that you are willing to learn the industry because you are so motivated. People value a go getter as much as they value experience. Experienced people can or cannot be loyal. If a brand or business realizes that you are loyal and willing to work for a long time with the company, they may be more inclined to hire you and teach you from the ground up.

Can A Stay AT Home Mom Find A Job?

Absolutely! Millions of stay at home parents find work. Whether it is a part time income of they have created a full time paying position with flexible hours, it is possible. You just need to be more creative and be willing to think outside the box.

Stay At Home Mom Jobs

There are many stay at home jobs that are perfect for you! We will have a ranking system to help you find the job that is work it for you. Check out our key so you can understand what category you fall into.


Flexible Hours

These are for the jobs where you will be able to dictate some or all of the time that you work. These types of jobs allow you to work all hours but if you are taking care of children, you can take that time off so you don’t miss those important family moments.

Skills required

This is when you may need a degree or a certain skill set that involves a diploma or a certificate.

 Learning Investment

These types of jobs can be offered to someone who does not have job skills but may require you to learn through taking free courses or investing time in learning a certain craft. A great example would be social media manager. Though you do not need schooling for this job, you would have to have a great understanding of social media, audience engagement and learn more about digital marketing and having amazing personal skills. A keen attention to spelling, grammar and popular hashtags would be some of those requirements.

Part Time Job

These jobs are either contract job, pay as you work or part time jobs that can help you make a part time wage.

Full Time job

these jobs will require over 35 hours a week but may have some flexibility on what hours can be worked. Other jobs have the potential of becoming full time if there are your entrepreneurial endeavors.


Stay At Home Mom Jobs

Here are some of the stay at home parent jobs that are going to help you find that perfect fit. Some of these can give you a great part time wage, others are contract and some of these jobs will provide a full time wage. Some of these jobs could even expand into you starting your own business and become six figure positions where you may be doing the hiring one day! We know you will find inspiration in these jobs.

Photo Editor

Learning Investment, Part Time Job, Full Time Job

This job can start off like a contract. People need photo editing all of the time. If you have Photoshop skills and photo editing skills you can contract yourself out to photographers and brands to edit their photos. This industry is so lucrative despite the apps and editing programs out there. Why would this be? Well, the wedding and family photography industry is huge. People love engagement photos, wedding photos, gender reveal parties, pregnancy announcements, pregnancy photos, holiday photos and family photos. You can not only start with a couple, but spend years being their official family photographer.

You can help photographers with their photos on special days but the downside would be working weekends. What many stay at home parents do is volunteer to help with the photo editing from these weddings and engagement photos. You don’t have to attend the day of the event, but you can photo edit on weekdays and weeknights and help the photographer. Professional photographers have hundreds, sometimes thousands of photos to edit and you could be that person who helps. With a lot of dedication, you can get a few photographers under your belt and build this photo editing business into a full time business in itself.

Other positives include you not having to live close to the photographer. You can solicit your services all over the country. To start, choose a local photographer and expand as you like. Or just use this as a great part time wage with a ton of flexibility but important work while the kids are asleep or at school!

Social Media Manager

Full Time job, Part Time job, Learning Investment, Sometimes flexible

If you are creative, love socializing and are ready to learn some key skills that can propel your life forward, social media manager is for you! Many brands and businesses and social influencers hire social media managers to manage one or more of their social media accounts. A Social Media Manager must engage with their brands audience, answer questions, critiques and concerns in a timely manner, understand grammar and syntax but still be up to speed the latest emoji’s, gifs and more.

A social media manager starts to make a full time wage when they learn about digital marketing, hashtag research, and analytics. A social media manager can make even more money if they start to learn how to market their brands blog posts. Any good social media manager knows what social media platforms are good for their brand, and which ones will not. If your audience is sixty year told retirees, you may not need to invest your time in Tic Tok. In retrospect, if you have a younger audience, you need to be up to speed with everything new and fresh.

A social media manager may only be needed as little as a few hours a week, but if you were to take on multiple brands or a big brand, business or influencer, it can be a full time job. Similarly, you can also network yourself out and take on multiple brands and expand into your own business, offering yourself not only a full time wage but a six figure income with your own employees. You can forward the work to them and still keep your stay at home hours with flexibility. If you like constant change, interacting with people online and you are a huge problem solver, consider being a social media manager!


Start a Blog

Flexible, Part Time job, Full Time job

If you have a passion for writing and a topic that you are equally excited about, you should consider becoming a blogger. If you are looking to become a blogger just for the cash, this job can make you miserable. You have to be passionate about the topic you are writing about. If you are passionate about a topic (it does not have to be a parenting or lifestyle topic) and you love to write, this is not only a great way to get free swag and make some extra money, but the income potential can be well over six figures if you keep at it for over a year.

Many famous bloggers started with a simple idea. Craft bloggers, parent bloggers, toy reviewers and so much more have gone from little part time bloggers to six and seven figure workers. Blogging isn’t just about writing and posting online on a little website, this is a career that will eventually be something you take multiple courses on to understand in this world. From search engine optimization to google algorithms, you will dive deep into what your audience wants and you will provide an answer to. The great thing about blogging is you can take care of your children during the day and dive in deeply to your blogging at night.

As Your Popularity Rises…

As you become more popular, you may want to hire an assistant to answer emails and post of social media while you take care of the children. A blogger is dedicated, constant and passionate about their craft and learning new things. If you don’t get uncomfortable in new situations, love interacting with a virtual audience and love to write, you have found your part time job!

Become a Freelance Writer

Flexible, Part Time job, learning investment

Freelance writers are excellent. Big bloggers hire them when they don’t have time to write about posts. Brands and businesses hire them to fill the blog portion of their sites about happy and educational posts about their brand or to answer audience questions. Others need a ghost writer for their novel. The possibilities are endless with a freelance writer. There are many sites where you can establish a name for yourself and write when you want. It can be a lucrative part time wage. Deadlines can be tight so when you are looking for a job, expect a quick turn around and be sure you can block out time to work on your next project.

Freelance Writers get paid based on learning investment. Having an English degree does not matter as much these days as someone who understands Search Engine Optimization. Some of the traditional skillsets still apply. It will be beneficial to you if you can type over 60 words a minute. You can get these assignments done faster. A good Freelance writer can research topics and cite professional works with ease. A freelance writer should have a good understand of grammar and syntax.

How To Make More As A Freelance Writer

To make extra money, taking a search engine optimization course is great for taking on blogging and magazine writing jobs. Understanding key word search and google algorithms can raise your hourly wage tenfold. If you want those skills, make sure you are taking courses that are well known to others and not just read a couple of articles and consider yourself an expert. Magazines and bloggers know what kind of writing ranks and they will be able to know the difference between a piece and a well written piece that is going to rank at the top of search engines.

There are still many jobs for those who are passionate about writing but do not have the skillset listed above. Having the skills to write well and the passion for spreading a message or educating is more than enough to have an excellent side job of being a freelance writer.

If you are willing to market yourself on freelance websites, learn a new industry, be able to do quick turn arounds and research different topics, you would be a great freelance writer.

Virtual Assistant

Full Time job, part time job Flexibility (to an extent)

This time more than ever, people are working virtually. Companies, professionals and influencers have the money and the work to hire virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is someone who organizes a person, brand or a business. Depending on the amount of work needed, this could be a full time or a part time job.

A virtual assistant could manage social media platforms, work, payroll and so much more. If you have worked traditional jobs with these skills you will be a great asset. This job is for people who are very organized. If you are looking for structured working hours at home, this is a perfect job for you.

Organizing a brand, business or person can be very fulfilling and you can still keep a life of your own being a stay at home parent to your children.

Pinterest Professional

Part time, full time, flexible, learning investment

Do you have a panache for Pinterest? Pinterest is a very lucrative search engine that many bloggers, magazines and influencers use to attract more of an audience. Pinterest professionals have one or many clients.

A professional must have many interests to organize a Pinterest profile. You have to make sure that you have Pinterest analytics on your client’s profile. You have to communicate what the audience is interested in so they can come up with more effective and attractive posts. In retrospect, you may have to get eye catching photographs and videos to complement each post. You would have to create Pinterest boards and have an understanding of key words on Pinterest to make sure each board ranks on the Pinterest search engine.

Managing Boards And More…

Managing Pinterest and sharing posts on the appropriate boards can be the difference of thousands of new audience members for your client’s blog or magazine.

When you are managing one to five accounts can give you a decent part time or full time wage that you can do at any time of day. Thanks to Pinterest’s scheduler, you can do the work at night so it comes out any time your clients wants.

If you LOVE Pinterest, crave flexibility and have a flair for the creative, you would love being a Pinterest professional.

Crafting For Your Online Store

Part Time Job, Possibly a Full Time Job, Some Flexibility

Do you love your Circuit? Are you the person who creates beautiful things? From hair bows to your own clothes, you love to craft. Let’s face it, you’re good at what you do. If people are starting to ask if you’re selling your hair accessories or your adorable stuffed animals, you should start a store on Etsy. Many Moms and Dads who are creative have made at least a part time income from Crafting and selling online.

You Etsy Store can do as good as you want it to. You can create what you want and sell your product. Then you can take a break until you create more. You can take custom requests, but you will have to do a quick turnaround but you can establish long lasting relationships and respect from your clients.

Etsy Owner Advice

Etsy Store Owners, you are creative and fabulous but price accordingly! Check your competition and sell your products for a competitive and fair price. Be sure to also incorporate your time. Yes, your time matters. If you are struggling with your price on time, please join Facebook groups and Circuit Craft Groups. These people on these sites are wonderful and often times discuss the value of a creator’s time, especially for custom made products.

Your flexibility will vary based on custom orders (those can be needed quickly and require more time) and how much product you put out.

Many Etsy Store owners see repeat customers and often get referred to word of mouth to other customers thanks to their loyal clientel. You have a passion for creating.  You would have a niche market that is interested, consider starting your own Etsy Shop.

Reselling Products

Part Time job, Flexibility

Are you into vintage high end outfits or antique furniture? Do you love spending your spare time grazing second hand stores and finding unique and valuable items? There are many people who want these beautiful items but don’t have the time to find them. Similarly, there are people who parted with these items and did not know their value.

You know what people want and you are willing to go find them. Setting up a shop on Amazon or EBAY and selling your items to others for a profit. It is fun, exciting, always new and never boring. Alternatively, what you are doing is quite green. You are sparing some items that do not sell from the dump. You are giving them to people who will not only take them but value them a great deal. From finding fun purses to antique furniture, you can make a very profitable business.

You know the right places to go and what to buy! You can become very successful at what you do. Some clients may put in requests if you find certain items or commission you to find them. It is all possible and you could do this job anywhere. A rural area can have rare and unique finds and the city has lots of items for sale. No matter where you live, you would not believe what others would part with! But you understand their value.You understand that there is a group of people wanting these items and will appreciate them. Give items a second life by reselling products!

Refurbishing Old Furniture

Part time job, flexibility, learning investment

Do you see the beauty in old furniture? Every Piece has a story. Some are priceless heirlooms and can be sold on their own while others just need a bit of tender love and care. If you are good at sanding, small repairs and painting furniture, you would be great at refurbishing old furniture and selling it.

It can be as simple as selling it on Facebook marketplace! What you are doing is not only a fun an exciting part time job but it could also be something that is environmentally friendly. These pieces you may find at the side of the road or at a second hand store. If they are not picked up, they may end up in the dump. It’s hard to believe but many beautiful pieces find themselves rotting away and filling up our landfills. You are not only giving something new life but you are giving it a home where it will be loved and appreciated and needed again.

If you are creative, love to paint, sand and sometimes preform small repairs, reselling old furniture can be a great part time job with an excellent part time income.

Teaching English Online

Flexibility, Part Time job, Skills Required

English is a language that many people in the world want to learn! Not only are they looking for a native English speaker for their children or themselves but they are willing to pay for it. Many sites pay very handsomely for a native English speaker to teach English to children and adults alike.

There is usually a requirement and proof that you have a University Degree. People with teaching degrees are paid the most and those with a university degree in anything will also be considered.

The pay can be good! You get to meet a family from a different part of the world and interact with their children or other adults. This is exciting to get the exposure of a different culture and to make new friends. Most of all, you get to teach another person a new language. Watching their progress is very rewarding.

If you have your teaching degree or a university degree, teaching English online can be a great part time job.

Transcription Services

Flexible, Part Time job

If you are a native English speaker, you could be a transcription writer! Many people need videos translated into writing. Why would they need that? There are so many reasons but some of them include those who need subtitles. If you do get accepted to transcribe, you will need to do it quickly, promptly and with no mistakes. That is why English speakers or those with an excellent command of the English language are essential.

If you have a good grasp on the English language and are interested in flexible well paid work, consider being a transcriptionist.

Personal Shopper

Part Time Income, Flexible

If you are free during the days and your children are in school, consider being a personal shopper for others. Some older people are not as savvy on the internet. You could help them get their groceries or personal items once or more times a week. You would be able to learn how to get great deals and make relationships with the stores that you are required to go to and you would be helping a person who needs the help but does not necessarily have access to the internet.

Best Part Time Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Personal Shoppers Of Perks

Some people who live alone really enjoy the personal interaction of a personal shopper. But this would not be limited to groceries and toiletries! You may be able to help with clothing purchases, furniture or product purchases! You may have to go out and buy gifts. If you get four or five people to personally shop for, you will have a very lucrative par time job. You will be able to negotiate times with your clients. Not to mention you would be able to start to develop lovely relationships with certain people within your community.

Be sure to incorporate your gas money and your time in the personal price. Your time is valuable and there is a skillset to pick specific items and make sure they get to your client safely for a good price.

If you love interacting with different groups of people and shopping, this would be a great job for you.

Stay At Home Mom Jobs

As the world continues to change, it is essential that there are jobs for people who are stay at home parents. We need part time and full time jobs with flexible hours. This is to accommodate unique families and lifestyles. We will continue to add to this list as other legitimate jobs come up within the economy. It is possible to make a wage as a stay at home parent. We hope that you are inspired by our many suggestions!