We all want our little ones to get a great sleep and Nested Bean’s Zen Sack will do exactly that!


The Zen Sack is a lightly weighted, non toxic filling material that is designed to mimic the gentle pressure of your palm on their little chest! It is proven that touch helps babies self-soothe, stay calm and sleep easily in most situations. It also promotes early childhood development.

The Zen Sack has shoulder snaps that adjust in two positions so that the Zen Sack grows with your baby! Small sizes are for babies 3-6 months and medium sizes are for babies 6-12 months. There is also an amazing two way side zipper that opens flat for easy changing and diaper access. That is perfect for not disturbing a sleeping baby.

We also love that the Zen Sack has different colours/colors and patterns to choose from. It also is said to improve sleep for baby in one to three nights! We bet that includes improving sleep for parents too!

The Zen Sack keeps babies comfortable and dreamlike but let’s face, it, it also keeps parents feeling zen as well! We love the Zen Sack and so will you.

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