Summer Baby: How to Keep Your New One Cool in the Heat


Summer babies have it easy. They will always be able to celebrate their birthdays outside, they can wear the cutest hats, you won’t have to spend tons of money on socks, coats, and sweaters they’ll only use once, and there is plenty of daylight to spend showing off your new little darling. The only problem can come with extreme heat. Sun at its hottest during summer can hurt your baby’s sensitive skin, and the heat can make them very uncomfortable. Getting too hot can even threaten their health. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines for keeping your baby cool.

General Principles

Infants overheat and cool quickly. It’s important to dress your new one appropriately for the weather. If it is cool in the morning, dress your baby in layers of thin clothes. You can remove each element as the day gets warmer.
As a general rule, keep the infant inside or in the shade on hot days. When it gets really warm, head for lower ground. Hot air rises, so the downstairs of your house will be cooler. To preserve the cool air, keep the draperies closed during the hottest part of the day, and open windows at night.

Car Rides

Remember to keep the air conditioning going while you travel, and never leave your baby in a hot car. The interior of a car is always warmer than the outside, as it absorbs and concentrates heat. If it warm outside, it’s broiling inside. You can reduce the amount of sunlight entering your car by getting a windshield tint. Places like Instant Windscreens NZ can help pick a tint shade that is perfect for your environment. This will reduce the strain on you and your baby’s eyes, too.

Outside Adventures

Always apply baby sunscreen to your little one when you go outside for prolonged periods of time. There are many gentle formulas made specifically for babies. They put a mineral barrier between the sun’s UV rays and delicate skin. Hats on babies are not only adorable, but protective. A bucket hat with a wide brim will keep your baby’s sensitive eyes and facial skin safe from the glare. You can protect the rest of your precious one by draping a thin burping towel over the baby carrier while you are carting them in it. Most strollers come with a protective covering of some sort that shades the baby as well. You can augment this with a towel draped over the sides for fuller coverage.

This time of the year should be a time of fun, and it only takes a few precautions to make sure it isn’t dangerous for your new baby. If you follow these tips, your new baby will be cool and comfortable throughout the summer.