Summer hair for Curlee Girlees

By: Atara Twersky, author of Curlee Girlee  Facebook | Twitter Instagram Pinterest

You send your little curlee girlee to day camp looking all adorable in her pink shorts, white t-shirts, bathing suit underneath her clothes, perhaps a matching headband or bow in her hair.  But then there’s swimming at camp and suddenly her cute curls are one big frizz mess- how can you avoid that and make sure her curls stay beautiful throughout the day?

  1. Even if a bathing cap is required for swimming- tell your curlee girlee to wet her hair at the end of swim time, if she can immerse her head in the water, she can then let her hair air dry and her curls will bounce back.
  2. Throw a travel size anti-frizz spray in her bag (redken makes great frizz free products)- ask her counselor to take just a moment to spray it on her hair.
  3. Braid her hair or put it in a cute ponytail- this way it is off her face and nothing she needs to worry about.
  4. Most important: teach her to love her hair just that way it is- that means it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time and that’s ok!