One of the most praised Mommy Apps out there is the Supermom work out App! This affordable, no props required work out is easy for new mommies to lose that extra five to ten pounds and get that post baby body back. Wh0 is the Mom behind Supermom work out? speaks to creator Brandy Yearous and we find out all about the Super Mom Work Out App and what is in store for the Supermom brand.

-Brandy, what inspired you to create the supermom work out?

To be honest, the Super Mom Workout app was made out of a moment of sheer insanity!  That’s what motherhood is right?  I found myself still wearing maternity clothes with a 2 month old child.  I stubbornly decided I was going to start back to the gym, but my son wouldn’t have it.  He was up at all hours of the night and I was a zombie during gym hours.  I found it so frustrating to be wide awake at 2 a.m. and exhausted at 10 a.m.  I thought, “Too bad the gym isn’t open in the middle of the night!”  Then I said, “Wait.  Who needs a gym?  I’m a trainer, I know what to do.  I can do it right here, NOW.”

That night I stood in my son’s dark bedroom in front of his crib, for balance, and whipped out 100 squats.  I was thrilled that I was actually sore the next morning!  It motivated me to look at other activities I was already doing and put them to better use.  When giving him a bath I found all the leg exercises I could think of while I was leaning over the tub watching him.  The ideas just kept snowballing.  Three weeks later I was out of my maternity clothes and down a pant size.

I had to share what was working with all my mommy friends.  Then I found working women who wanted workouts in their office and women who had specific problem areas that they wanted me to target and the Super Mom Workout was born.

-We love that your background was in sports medicine and physical therapy. Did you tailor your work outs to new mother’s bodies that are more prone to injury due to stretched ligaments from being pregnant?

Yes! I created every exercise with two things in mind: First, that moms are busy, distracted, and are used to multitasking.  They worry about everything but themselves.  When they aren’t completely focused is when they can get hurt.  Secondly, their bodies have changed and they are trying to get their muscles, tendons and ligaments back to their previous shape.  When women give birth or have a Caesarean surgery, their bodies are still healing long after they feel ‘normal’.  They need to exercise in a way that will strengthen them and help them heal further.  Just like most women, the second they get an injury while exercising they stop completely.  The Super Mom Workout helps them to use proper form so they can stay healthy and meet their fitness goals.

-Many mother’s find it hard to work out and take care of their children. How can an app make this process a little easier?

Working out while caring for children is the most common complaint among new mothers.  The Super Mom Workout app helps by adding children to the workouts!  It’s play time for baby and fitness time for mom.  I know how moms like to multitask, that’s what makes them a Supermom!  I like to help mother’s realize that it is not taking time away from their family to get healthy.  A healthy mother is a better mother.

-How did you come up with these specific work outs?

I came up with the exercises because I had no time to get to the gym and I couldn’t afford gym daycare.  So I looked at the activities I was already doing and found ways to turn those activities into exercises.  For instance, everyone brushes their teeth, but we all just stand there!  I thought if I am truly a multi-tasker why not use that time more wisely?  So I developed an entire workout using the two minutes it takes to brush my teeth.  There is such a variety of things to do; there are different exercises for every day.  I then tried to think of every activity a mother does and turned it into a way to get a few exercises in at the same time.

-What are common problem areas that new mothers face, that your app targets?

The two biggest areas women complain about post-pregnancy are stomach and butt/thighs.  The Super Mom Workout app focuses on these areas, almost exclusively.  I demonstrate how to use proper exercise form so they don’t delay their healing in anyway.  Many women feel that they can’t work out at all while they have infants.  This is not true.  If done correctly, exercise can expedite their recovery.

-One of the many things we like is that there is no equipment required with this app, did you keep that in mind when creating the Supermom workout for busy mommies?

Yes!  Mother’s are so selfless they don’t want to take any time away from their children.  The Super Mom Workout app eliminates the cost of buying additional equipment and the time it takes to get it out.  I’ve also had great feedback stating that the mother’s with toddlers were thankful they didn’t need anything that a toddler might be able to hurt themselves with.  The whole point of the Super Mom Workout is to use your home and activities you are already doing, not to add more to what you already have.

-This is an affordable way for mother’s to lose that extra five to ten pounds without joining a gym. Did you keep this in mind for all of the busy moms out there?

I know that young families spend their money on their children and not on themselves.  I wanted to create an app that was affordable and functional for new young families.  The Super Mom Workout app is designed to help women re-build their body, not deplete their bank account.

The beauty of social media is that women can find me online and I can help them build custom workouts for their homes or their problem areas, just for the .99 cent cost of the Super Mom Workout app.  I love connecting with people on Facebook at or live on Twitter @SuperMomWorkout.  This way I can help each person reach their specific goals and motivate them along the way.

-Do you have any plans for the future for any other apps for Super Moms that you can share?

Helping people reach their fitness goals is my passion, so I don’t see myself creating a different app as much as I would like to expand the Super Mom brand.  I have started looking into making Super Mom Workout shirts and putting the logo on fitness balls.  I love empowering women to help them feel like they can accomplish their goals and still be a Supermom.