Suzi Softball – Love Wins!

In Basicville, everyone sticks to their friends. The softballs love to be with the softballs, the footballs with the footballs and the soccer balls with the soccer balls. However, all that is about to change when the sweetest little softball, Suzi arrives to challenge Basicville’s beliefs and bring everyone together through kindness and celebrating differences. Can Suzi make it work?

A Book about Inclusivity

Suzi is a softball who is also hearing impaired. Her accessibility is one of the many amazing facets to this loveable little character. But Suzi is just not a peaceful ball in Basicville, she wants everyone to come together and realize that their differences should be CELEBRATED. From Franny the Football who knows her white laces are different from Suzi’s red ones to Sammy the Soccer ball knowing she does not fit in with anyone, Suzi knows she has a task to unite the balls together. Can Suzi unite the balls to not believe their differences should isolate themselves from each other? Can she show them that they are all important and special for who they are? You will have to read to find out!

Morals and Values

This book is about inclusivity. Teaching children that our differences are our strengths and they should not to be intimidated but celebrated is a lesson that goes far beyond childhood. If these lessons are taught when we are children, imagine what kind of world our next generation can create!

Suzi also represents the wonderful hearing impaired community. A powerful, kind and leader such as Suzi who also happens to have a hearing impairment really represents an awesome community that deserves the spotlight.

Finally, Suzi is so gentle. Gentleness is leadership we have always believed. She ensures that she gets her point across without belittling, attacking or questioning someone’s difference to herself. She listens and really empathizes with the plights of other balls and then comes up with viable solutions while creating a safe space for her new friends.

Each of these morals and values will inspire your children just by connecting with the characters and the story. It is also a great reminder to adults. Let’s love each other a little more!

Love Wins!

Author Joseph P Burbridge knows how to connect the dots with individual’s struggles and feelings. He took the time to create characters based on something everyone loves to bond over, sports. His professional background and love for teaching and connecting others shines with this book.

This book can possibly be the catalyst to begin conversation, healing and changing your community with one simple read.


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