Switch and Go Dinos

Everyone is talking about the Switch and Go Dinos! We just love the Switch and Go Velociraptor Helicopter, the Switch and Go Triceratops Racer and of course the Switch and go Velociraptor Racer. These lean, mean dinos turn in the coolest racers and we can’t wait to show you all of the details!

Switch and Go Velociraptor Helicopter

We love anything that can fly and this Velociraptor has a surprise! It becomes a helicopter! The animated dino eyes are amazing and transport your child right into a whole other world! There is also a digital image of a pilot which makes your child think that they are right in the story they are creating. The animated LCD screen is one of the many reasons this toy is a cut above the rest.

helicopter dino

Complete with its very own rocket, The Switch and Go Velociraptor helicopter is so easy to transform. It has over 70 sounds and phrases so imaginative opportunities are endless.

velociraptor dinosaur

Switch and Go Triceratops Racer

dinosaur car

Watch out Triceratops fans! The Triceratops Racer is quick and full of fun! With over 30+ sounds and phrases, there is endless fun! This triceratops turns from ferocious dino to a rapid racer in just a few simple steps! Watch out as Clash and their three strong horns turn into the fastest racer on four wheels!

dino racer

Switch and Go Velociraptor Racer

dino racer

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With over 60 sounds and phrases, and animated dino eyes and a driver, this velociraptor turned racer is a fierce, fun and fast car. It’s easy to transform your dino. Let’s face it, Velociraptors rule!

velociraptor toys

Fun Facts

Ages 4 plus- Yes, your little one is old enough to enjoy these transferrable toys

It’s like buying two toys for the price of one

The digital eyes will be your child’s favorite

With dozens of sounds and phrases, its endless fun!

Vtech has the perfect toys for your dino loving kids! Make sure to collect all of the Switch and Go Toys!

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