Teach Kids To Tell Time With This

By Karen Dennis from The Next Best Thing To Mummy  Learn how to teach kids to tell time!

This is the second time that I have worked with this company.

The fun, educational products I was sent this time are:-


teach kids to tell time

Is a circle of write on/wipe off plastic which is a double sided clock face with movable hands.

One side shows how to tell the time as minutes to and past the hour and the other side of the clock teaches how to read the time in a digital format.

The student card retails at£6


Two packs of cards; level 1 aimed at 5-7 years and level 2 for 8 years plus.

Both packs contain 60 wipe clean cards showing a clock face with different times, plus 2 game cards with game instructions.

Both levels of cards can be used in several ways; to play snap, bingo, matching pairs or used as flashcards. Children will find learning to tell the time much easier while they are having fun.

level 2 is more challenging as it teaches telling the time in digital format.

Individual packs retail at £10, or both packs can be purchased for £18.

Previously I reviewed a clock from Easyread time teacher here

I highly recommend this method of teaching children to learn to tell the time because it is the simplest way I have seen, giving children confidence when they get it right and so want to learn more times. Why not use the time we have during the lock down to teach children to tell the time?

Easyread time teacher also sell a variety of children’s clocks and watches.

Buy them here

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