Teddy Bear of The Year

Did you know that teddy bears get together once a year when you are sleeping? They picnic, talk and of course have the annual Teddy Bear of the year awards! Ollie loves his job as a teddy bear and knows his ABCS but when he is taken to the Teddy Bearès Picnic, he learns how important a teddy bear’s service REALLY is.

A Teddy Bear’s ABCS

We all know our alphabet but what are the Teddy Bear’s ABCs? Ollie the Teddy Bear is an expert with his ABCs, ABC stands for “Always Be Cuddling.” Teddy Bears live by this mantra for their little human friends and they love their children endlessly.

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Once a year, teddies from all over attend the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. This annual event is about team building activities, eating yummy snacks, talking about their child companions and watching the coveted teddy bear service awards! Ollie admires all of these fantastic Teddy Bears that do things that are all worthy of an award. All of these Teddy’s are different shapes and sizes and colors are doing extraordinary things but Ollie feels like he is just an ordinary bear.  When the winner is announced, Ollie is SHOCKED.

Why We Love This Book

Author Vikki VanSickle knows how to touch hearts and teach your children about empathy. We find that empathy is the most powerful tool children can grasp. Empathy is what helps people the most as adults. This beautiful book explains empathy, love and togetherness so beautifully. We can’t emphasize enough how much this book should be in your personal library. Illustrator Sydney Hanson’s pictures make you feel like you are there at the Teddy Bear Picnic. The way Sydney highlights the gold stars of each bear is magical. Our children loved it!

Extra Credit

Have your child draw a picture of their favorite bear that they would take to the Teddy Bear Picnic! Why did they choose this bear? What is the Teddy Bear’s personality like? What makes this bear a gold star helper? You will learn a lot about what your child values with this exercise. This is another great book by Tundra Books and its no secret that Tundra brings another star of a book to its roster.

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