Ten Little Dumplings Book Review

Ten perfect little brothers finding themselves in life. The Ten Little Dumplings are so cute! The boys grow together and are well respected all around town, but there is something equally as special that is right in front of them. The end of this book will be a wonderful surprise for you!

Ten Brothers

Author Larissa Fan takes a personal experience from her father’s family in Taiwan and creates a beautiful story from her father and nine other brothers. These local celebrities awed the small town in which they were from. In this book Ten Brothers, these ten wonderful boys grow up with the local town in awe of each of them. They are polite, inquisitive and incredibly smart. On each and every page, we learn about every boy and how they grow up, but the second half takes a surprising and delightful tone, we meet their sister. Larissa Fan has a way of encapsulating the reader, giving traditional nods of the Chinese tale “The Ten Brothers” while paying homage to her fathers family. This is a perfect tapestry.

Ten Little Dumplings and One More

Sister is incredible in her own right. she has many talents and observes her brothers carefully. Illustrator Cindy Wume takes us down a whimsical journey and delights the reader to her genius illustrations. There is so much to take in there.

The delightful ending reminds us that life continues and new dumplings are born. Who is the special child is, is a wonderful surprise.

If you are looking for a wonderful book that you should have in your child’s personal library, you have to get Ten Little Dumplings from Tundra Books.

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