Parents everywhere are always trying to find a way to make their house hold more green. From family gardens to recycling, families everywhere are making a conscious effort. Terra Cycle is making that a little easier for families in North America to eliminate the idea of waste and is coming up with numerous ways to make that a little easier for families.


Terra Cycle collects difficult to recycle waste and turns it into something useable. They have a number of recyclable programs that they call “brigades.” You and your family choose which brigade your garbage falls under ( One brigade is with Huggies and other diaper plastics. If you are a plastic diaper user, you can send the plastic that wraps the diaper package to Terra Cycle who will recycle or upcycle the product into park benches, recycle bins and other items to name a few. You get “points” for recycling your items and you can save your points to donate to charity. Your family could join a program or even your children’s school!

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Huggies has done just that. The Huggies brigade entails sending Huggies plastic packaging around their diapers to Terra Cycle. You then collect points for your charity. The waste is then upcycled or recycled into various products! Team up with other parents to give a big donation to your charity or collect as a family!


That’s not all! In celebration of Earth Month, Schneiders® Lunchmate® is partnering with
TerraCycle Canada to reduce packaging waste through the Schneiders Lunchmate
Brigade, a free recycling fundraiser that encourages families and organizations
to collect and return used Lunchmate kits so they can be recycled into new,
innovative products.
“By partnering with TerraCycle, we’re able to turn
used Lunchmate kits into great new products and divert waste from landfills,”
said Kate Beresford, Director, Marketing, Maple Leaf Foods. “To support everyone
who joins our mission, the Schneiders® Lunchmate® Brigade will donate two cents
to a school or non-profit organization of the participant’s choice for each
package that’s returned.”

“We’re thrilled about our recent partnership
with Maple Leaf in making Schneiders Lunchmate packaging nationally recyclable,”
said Nina Purewal, General Manager, TerraCycle Canada. “It’s wonderful to have
brand partners join us in our goal to eliminate the idea of waste!”

Here is a family project on how to make a coin purse out of a Koolaid pouch!



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If your family or your child’s school is looking for an environmental project to get involved in, visit Terracycle’s website at and eliminate the idea of waste!!