When you have been given your name, there is a story behind it. What is your story? Little Mirha can’t wait to meet her classmates but they keep pronouncing “Mirha” wrong! Should Mirha call herself something different to make it easier on others? That’s Not My Name is about diversity, inclusivity and the love of family.

Mirha’s Story

When Mirha is about to start her first day of school, she is excited about the experiences she will have and the friends that she would make. However, when she settles into her first day, everyone is mispronouncing Mirha! From teachers to other students, everyone is calling her different variations of Mirha. One boy even asks if they can call her another name just to make it easier! Mirha is very shy and does not say anything.

Once she comes home to speak with her family, she realizes how important her name truly is and that every name, including her own, has a story. Will Mirha be able to find her voice and correct people one what her name really is?

This book is about family, culture and the importance of our names. This beautiful lesson can be relatable to any child who has a name that people struggle to pronounce.

It is important that we make time to learn how to pronounce someones name properly. It shows we care about them as people and it is a form of respect. Lastly, it is a way to celebrate all of the beautiful, diverse and wonderful names that the world has. Learning names only expands our minds even further. Anoosha Syed understands what so many children and adults alike go through. Anoosha promotes togetherness and diversity in her wonderful book.

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Extra Credit

Give your children five names that they may not hear everyday. Have them learn how to pronounce each one properly and look up the meaning and origin to each. This way, children will learn how important it is to learn how to say a name and that each name has beautiful meanings and origins.

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