Is Breast Really Best?

Parenting means you face one decision after another. From figuring out if you’re returning to work or staying home, to becoming an overnight expert on common illnesses and vaccines. And doing it all while working on less sleep than you ever thought a human could survive. We wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything, but it sure is exhausting at times.


When it comes to breastfeeding though, we at MomLovesBest have you covered. We did all the dirty work — hours upon hours of research scanning through complex medical data just to give you the skinny on why breastfeeding is an excellent choice. You can learn 111 compelling reasons to breastfeed, just by skimming through our infographic.


This infographic details the health benefits for both babies and mothers, and what breastfeeding can do for society as a whole. After all, we’re all on this crazy ride called motherhood together — by working together to educate, grow and learn, we can help the newest generation of mothers and their babies live healthier, happier lives.


While motherhood can be a lot of responsibility, you’ll find that it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all — you’ll treasure every moment, even the difficult ones. That first smile, laugh or kiss from your baby is worth any effort you go through!