Want to save more cash on your energy usage. Follow these tips for saving energy and get some extra money to spend or save.

Turn Off Your Appliances On Standby

A lot of people do not realize that leaving an appliance on standby instead of turning them off can really add to your energy bill. It has been estimated that the average home would be able to save up to $50 per year by turning off the appliances that are left in standby mode.

Be Smarter With Your Water

When you use less water, you are going to be saving more money if you are on a water meter. However, wasting any warm water will also add to your energy bill because you pay for the water to be warmed up. If you run the tap while washing the dishes, you could save money by washing in the bowl instead. You should also ensure that you only put the water that you need into the kettle or into a pot to boil as this will lower your costs. There are also a number of water saving freebies that you should consider which will help you save hot water in other areas.

Turn Your Thermostat Down

Your thermostat is one place where you can save up to $100 each year. Turning the thermostat down by just a single degree can help you save over the year as it lowers your heating costs.

Have A Smart Thermostat Installed

While turning down the heat can save money, there are a number of smarter technological advances that can help as well. Smart thermostats can stop you heating rooms that you are not going to be using. By doing this, you could be saving up to $180 per year depending on the size of your home.

Smart thermostats will also use energy more efficiently. They understand how long it will take to heat your home and will turn on at the right time to bring it to the correct temperature. One of the reasons why many people hesitate when it comes to smart thermostats is the price. They can be costly, but the savings you make will be a third of your energy bill. This is important to consider because data has shown that almost half of the money spent on energy bills will come from heating and hot water.

Compare Energy Deals

A lot of us are overpaying for our power and it’s possible to cut the cost down by looking around for a better deal. Here is how to find the best energy deals.

Have Energy Efficient Appliances

Having energy efficient appliances is a good idea, but you should never get rid of an appliance that is perfectly good just to replace it with a newer, more energy efficient one. When it comes time to replace any of your appliances, it is worth investing in one that has a high energy efficiency rating.

When you look at different models, you should be able to easily see this information and you need to take the time to look. An electric oven with an A+ rating will use up to 40% less energy than one that is B rated. Additionally, an energy efficient dishwasher can save you around $10 each year on your energy and water bills. The biggest savings will come with a fridge freezer where an A+++ one will save you around $200 more over its lifetime when compared to an A+ one.

While looking at energy efficient appliances, you should also look for an efficient shower head. These showerheads can save you around $75 per year. You may also want to consider a shower timer which will help you cut down on the amount of time everyone is spending under the spray.

Make Your Property Draught Proof

There are many homes, particularly the older ones, which will lose a lot of heat through draughts. Draughts can also leave your home feeling cold which will tempt you to turn up the thermostat. The good news with this is that droughts can be easily fixed.

Placing a draught excluder on your doors can make an instant difference. You can also get draught-proofing kits from most home improvement stores and you can easily fit them yourself. Some of the points to at when dealing with droughts are cracks in the floors, lining the letterbox and blocking any chimneys that you do not use.

If you do not already have double glazed windows you might want to consider this. A cheaper fix would be to use a plastic lining which will help to keep the heat in.

Wash At A Lower Temperature

When using the right detergent, you will be able to wash your clothing at a lower temperature. This will decrease the amount you spend on heating the water and will reduce your energy bill. Of course, you should run a warmer cycle occasionally to ensure that your washing machine is clean.