Christmas is on its way and we have found some great designers and businesses to get you excited about the holiday season!


Fasten Swim







Getting your child, particularly a little girl, in and out of a swimsuit can be a challenge. Those soggy diapers, those last minute “I have to gos!” and those darned one pieces can be hard to get a wet bathing suit off and on again! FastenSwim has your answer!

They have evolved the one piece bathing suit into a suit that can open and close with great easy. Diaper changes and going to the bathroom is no longer a challenge, but a simple pause between playtime in the water!

But why is it so easy? With hidden magnets!


Not only is Fasten Swim so innovative and making our lives easier, but the designs are so trendy and adorable! Fasten Swim also has cover ups, hats and headbands so your little one can look great, while staying safe in the sun!

We love this brand and recommend it to all parents who has a little swimmer in their lives. Sizes range from 6M- 5T. Click here to get your own Fasten Swim suit today!



 Blogger of the Month: Petit Cotillion 
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We completely enjoy Petit Cotillion, a wonderful lifestyle blog dedicated to parents to instill the ideas of childhood! This blog is set to INSPIRE you and your children.  Children love to explore, learn and express. This blog will guide both new and seasoned parents alike to guide you to harvest that great environment for your children! Owner Crystal has a variety of talents, which exsudes from this blog. Not only are the posts well written, but the pictures have beautiful pictures. Check out this post, To Grandmother’s House We Go.  We recommend this post for the best holiday movies this season!
Petit Cotillion also has a wonderful boutique, from books to craft accessories.
Petit Cotillion is set to inspire you, promote engaging memories with your family and to guide you to do those extra special things for your little ones. We can’t wait to see this blog explode even more in 2016.
My name is Crystal Neiweem and I live in Chicago, Illinois with my husband Dan, our nearly 15-month old daughter Sailor, and our dog Dingo. My blog is called Le Petit Cotillion. I am a User Experience Architect at a large eCommerce company, so I pretty much work on web designs and interactions for other sites all day.  Soon after I returned from maternity leave at the end of last year, I decided I wanted to create a site for myself that would appeal to readers like me…first time parents who want to encourage their children in exploration, learning and self-expression – those same ideals we hope to relive through our kids as we raise them! I have a background in art, so I also wanted to add some whimsy to the blog through illustrations. It took me until the end of August 2015 to get my ducks in a row and start blogging, but now Le Petit Cotillion is something I really enjoy working on after my daughter goes to bed each night.
Kidems WheelSox Covers
For many of us, winter is approaching! Our children do not slow down and want to run around inside as well as outside. Our toddlers have adorable little push cars that help them scoot from one indoor destination to another. They slam their toys down, they skid across our floors and they can make a mess. We adore Kidems Wheel Sox Covers, for letting our children have fun and saving us our sanity.
Protect your floors in style with these adorable easy to slip on ‘sox’ protect all types of floors. Enjoy your children having fun instead of worrying about your floors. They can stand up to even the toughest toddlers on four wheels! We love that they are so small, that we can bring them to grandparents house as well! 12-36 month old child toys are perfect for Kidems Wheel Sox Covers!

Have fun and don’t risk the damage.  Buy Kidems Wheel Sox Coverage TODAY!



This idea originated when my oldest daughter and I were trying to come up with an idea for her school Invention Convention. As we sat at the kitchen table my youngest child (who has Autism) was picking up the front end of his ride on toy and slamming it down. He then proceeded to scrape the wheels back and forth on my hardwood and ceramic floors.  

My then 20 month old son was driving me crazy with the noise along with the fact that he was destroying our newly refinished floors. I decided to figure out a way to cover the wheels so he could enjoy his toy, inside and outside, and I could keep my sanity. My husband also appreciated it since after listening to all kinds of noise from machines at work all day those wheels were the last thing he wanted to hear at night.

Breastfeeding Central App

app 6




Let’s face it, the decision to breast feed and continue with it, is not an easy one at times. Mothers can become frustrated, tired and at times, want to give up. Sometimes, during those late night feeds, we have questions about breast feeding that we would like answered right away. Luckily, there is an App for that. Breastfeeding Central app is your one stop resource, confidence booster and during those late nights, your best friend.

app 5

The Breastfeeding Central app is like having a lactation consultant or breastfeeding expert right next to you. The app was written by a board certified lactation consultant, so it is a trusted resource. It will guide you through each important phase of nursing your baby.

Are you pregnant? The app is designed for you as well. Learn how to prepare for breastfeeding in your pregnancy and by the time you give birth, you are ready to manage those early days of nursing.

app 4

A section on Common Difficulties provides helpful suggestions if any problems occur.

Save your favorite sections for easy reference with the handy bookmark feature.



Benefits of breastfeeding
What to expect the first four days
First night home from the hospital
How to make plenty of milk
What to do if baby won’t settle after a feeding
Caring for a toddler & the new baby
Medications & breastfeeding
Diet, alcohol & losing your baby weight
Starting solid foods
Returning to work


Use Breastfeeding Central’s Help Locator to find board certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) and breastfeeding support groups worldwide.


Breastfeeding Central is written by Beverley Rae, MSW, IBCLC, who has helped thousands of mothers to breastfeed successfully. Beverley’s 25 years of experience as a board certified lactation consultant began with nursing her own five children. She is a former president of the International Lactation Consultant Association. Beverley received a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Adelphi University. Her private practice, Breastfeeding Resources, is located in Manhasset, New York.

Learn more at and

Breastfeeding Central covers all of the following:

-Benefits for mother & baby
-Setting expectations
-Shopping list
-Helpful books & websites
-Creating your ‘nursing corner’
-Forming a support system & more

-First feedings
-Positioning baby at breast & latching on
-What to expect the first four days
-How to make plenty of milk
-Premature babies

-First night home from the hospital
-How often & how long should feedings be?
-How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?
-What if my baby won’t settle after a feeding?
-Partner’s role in successful breastfeeding
-Taking care of yourself
-The importance of support & where to find it
-Managing a toddler & the new baby

-Baby won’t latch on
-Sore nipples
-Fussy baby
-Low milk supply
-Too much milk
-Plugged duct

-How long should I plan to breastfeed?
-Growth spurts
-Diet, alcohol & weight loss
-Nursing in public
-Medications & breastfeeding
-Starting solid foods

-Planning for your return to work
-Pumping & storing breastmilk
-How much milk to leave
-How often to pump at work
-Keeping up your milk supply

The Breastfeeding Central App is a trusted resource, a relief and most of all, a friend to new and experienced breastfeeding Mothers everywhere. We think this is a perfect app for new Moms for 2016 and we want breastfeeding to be as calming and joyful of an experience as it can be. Breastfeeding Central App will be that comfort, resource and friend. Click here to get the Breastfeeding Central App today.