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Douglas Toys

Douglas Toys has an array of unique, excellent quality toys for your children to fall in love with! From Plumpies to Cuddle Mats, your child will not only have a coveted toy, but a keepsake to carry on with them throughout childhood! This family owned and operated business has grown into an international company and its no secret as to why! The products speak for themselves! These toys are trendy, with complimentary fabrics yet, have a classic feel. Looking for great toys that your children will love? Go Douglas Toys!



Blogger of the Month: Rocket Lulu

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rocket lulu
Meet Laetitia, the wonder behind Rocket Lulu. This french blog is chic, fun and stylish. You don’t need to speak French to appreciate this wonderful blog, which has great posts from modern children designs, not to mention some really interesting portraits of John Myers.
If you think running a beautiful blog is more than enough for this Mom of three, Laetitia has her own business. Rocket Lulu also sells vintage, graphic and eco-friendly goods! You will fall in love with the whole ambiance of the blog.  Click here to see what is currently available.
My name is Laetitia. I am a graphic designer, a wife and mum of 3… A 9 month old baby boy, a 8 year old girl and a 10 year old girl. A happy family based near Paris, France!
My first treasures go back to my childhood. I regularly spent time in antique shops and on markets with my father. For me, it was almost like being in a candy store and still is! I launched rocket lulu, blog and e-shop, to share with you my lucky finds and to invite you to consume differently. I do my best to offer a unique selection of vintage, graphic and eco-friendly goods. A cheerful world for creative and curious kids and those who have kept their child spirit!

An idea became a reality and every families dream! Snuggin is a wonderful product developed by families for families. This cuddly toy is for newborns and is a delight for parents. It keeps pacifiers, teethers and other toys close by, so both baby and parent can sleep easily. This unique design allows up to four different small toys to be attached directly to Snuggin. Snuggin is welcomed to be used on a stroller, carrier, highchair or a crib! This is a perfect adorable toy for your child to not only play with but to rely on when they have a need that should be immediately met. No more waking up in the middle of the night to hand over a soother, Snuggin has your baby and your sleep in mind! Snuggin is also been known to be a great asset in aiding a child to give up a soother.

Parents do not need to worry, Snuggin is 100% BPA free and ASTM F963 tested. Remember, this is a toy made by parents for families!


Snuggin is set up across the United States, but to our global readership, they will ship outside of the USA! Feel free to email them directly at:

Snuggin is a product that is great for your baby and grows with your child! Keep your child comfortable and having fun with Snuggin!