We are so excited for you to meet our Baby Spot Bests for the month of May. We think you will be inspired!

Peanut Gallery Comics




We are so excited to introduce Peanut Gallery Comics. This wonderful website turns your family memories into custom comics! This piece of art can not only be a centerpiece for your family but a keepsake to treasure forever. Peanut Gallery Comics also offers gift cards!


Tell us how you came up with your business idea…
The idea for Peanut Gallery Comics was inspired by my five year old boy who is always saying and doing hilarious or cute things. I started to keep a journal of all of the stories, but realized it was just sitting on my bookshelf and I wasn’t really enjoying it. I came up with the idea of making them into comics so that I could hang them in the house and enjoy them. I also started making them into presents for his grandparents and Uncle.


How does your business help families?
The business helps families by highlighting the fun / good times. There are so many negative forces at play on families these days, it’s nice to have something that brings them closer together, especially when it’s around a cute or funny story.


Tell us about your product/service…
Peanut Gallery Comics turns your memories and stories into custom comics that you can enjoy as art in your house. You simply send in your story and a photo, and our writers and illustrators do the rest! For only $35 you receive a digital copy of your custom comic as well as a physical copy framed in 11×14 matte board. We also offer gift cards!


How can our readers reach you?
They can go to our website, tweet at us on twitter or message us on Facebook. They can also email us at info@peanutgallerycomics.com.


Blogger of the Month- Father of Ted
Website: www.fatherofted.com
Twitter: @father_of_ted
We know you will love Father of Ted as much as we do. This Dad is putting Dad blogs on the map by providing a resource for Fathers of new babies.

Reasons behind Father of Ted:

Father of Ted is an extremely young blog/website, created just two weeks ago after the birth of my son. Its aims are twofold. First it is a means to keep in touch with family and friends that are far away, after I selfishly relocated to a different country, fell in love, married, and then had a baby! I then quickly expanded the idea, wanting to share my experiences with other new Dads and Dads-to-be.

How does it help our readers?


I have found a lot of resources for Mums out on the internet, but not a huge amount for Dads. It’s a daunting time for Dads too, and I hope this will become a helpful place for others to get an insight into fatherhood. I think a lot of males, myself included before I was thrust into the throws of looking after a small person, feel pretty clueless when it comes to having a baby and knowing what to expect.

I thought it would be nice to see how far this idea could go, how many people it could reach, and if it could even grow big enough to provide some extra financial support for my own growing family.

In the first two weeks of being a father I have tried to give an honest account of what it is like when you become a Dad. The emotions you will feel, the joy, the fear. The things that you will need and the things you will see and experience. All (hopefully) written in an easy to read, man-friendly, and slightly humorous way!

About the service:

At the moment it is a growing website where I try to post 2-3 times a week. This is a challenge in itself – you’ll soon find out it’s pretty full time looking after a little one! There is also the added bonus of me having to have an actual paying job as well (I’m a Science teacher in an International School). Posts will range from giving an insight into my own family life as it unfolds and develops, but also sharing advice and tips, and hopefully having a bit of a laugh along the way. If it helps just a handful of people I’ll be happy, if it can help a lot more I’d be ecstatic!

Getting in touch:


Right now I just want to reach out to as many people as possible and get them on board, following this amazing journey, and hopefully sharing their own wonderful experiences along the way too. I would be extremely thankfully to The Baby Spot if they could include Father of Ted in their wonderful magazine. Contact details are below.

Big shout out to all the expectant fathers out there!

ID Inspired Designs


instagram account @idinspireddesigns

ID Inspired Designs is a Canadian Custom Stationary Company. If you’re looking for invitations that exude a personal touch then you must go to their Facebook now and get in touch. Be inspired by everything from Weddings to Baby Showers to your precious little one’s birthday invitations! The work speaks for itself.