Baby Spot Bests November


We are so excited to get back to the Baby Spot Bests. Previously, we would feature stores and a blogger of the month for our Baby Spot Bests. We are happy to expand this to even more features so you can find only the best products, bloggers and articles out there. We want this experience to be amazing for you and to help you parent easier.

We want you to experience what each month is for us. Who is inspiring us, what products are completely awesome and what is making us laugh, cry or think. Here are the brand new and approved Baby Spot Bests for November. We know you will be excited as we are.



we have chosen our best product of the month as The Douglas Mattress. The Douglas Mattress has revolutionized the way we see mattresses. We were given a Douglas Mattress for review in the summer. The price is so reasonable we were worried that this deal was too good to be true. Well, it exceeded our expectations. We ordered a queen sized mattress and we were surprised when it came in such a small box. As we opened the package, a beautiful queen sized mattress rolled out and expanded. Okay, we thought, it’s here, it’s a queen but how comfortable is it, really?

We set the Douglas Mattress onto our bed and slept on it the first night. It was lovely. The bed held up perfectly. But we were not done testing this mattress out yet. We used it as a guest bed for our friends as we have a lot of visitors. We are now known as the house that has the most comfortable bed.

Why is this product important for families? It’s simple. Let’s be real. Mattresses are expensive. When you have two or three children, it can be very expensive to buy a mattress. Not to mention it is said that you should change one’s mattress every seven to ten years.

Douglas mattress gives you an excellent mattress that is shipped right to your door for a fraction of the cost of a competitive mattress. It makes it possible for families to afford mattresses that are going to provide an excellent sleep for your children where they do not wake up stiff with aches and pains. We really believe in the Douglas Mattress. You can read more about our in depth review.


The Grow and Glow candle was introduced to us by Rachel Urso and we fell in love with this company. This candle is a perfect keepsake for your family. The candle has each year until your child’s eighteenth birthday. You can burn the candle for each year your child celebrates a birthday. This company is not only about a product, but making memories with families.


We love when people in The Baby Spot community are winning! Atara Twersky, owner of Curlee Girlee, was elected a style icon by the Today Show for 2017. We are proud to see Atara with other celebrities and key influencers. We think the Today Show picked an amazing representative.


This is our first Best Blogger section of The Baby Spot Bests and we are thrilled to be up and running again. We knew it would be perfect to have our best blogger of our new monthly series as our Blogger of the Year, Momma Braga. She has touched people from around the globe with her honest, raw blog stories to her product reviews. She is now working with some of the biggest book brands from around the world and is always open for reviews and new opportunities. We have taken her on some Baby Spot adventures and she was having a ball! She adapts to new situations and always puts her readers first. You will find that there are bloggers who are looking for a paycheck and really do not care about their audience. Momma Braga loves her audience and cares more about the people who read her blog more than any blogger we have encountered.

She also works carefully with brands and businesses and treats their products and services with great care, as if each brand was her own company. You always get a lengthy and engaging post with Momma Braga.


So many great articles this month but the one that got the most attention is Aj and Barett Golden, who are driving their five year old and three year old from Alberta, Canada to Panama! The Goldens are documenting their journey from putting their whole life into a sea container to living in a trailer. They are currently in Mexico and having a blast! We love when families try new things and travel the world together.


The audiecnce does not lie! The numbers showed that Private Investigator and Actor’s Jax Menez Atwell’s article The Birds and The Bees- Talking To Boys. Jax is a Dad to three boys, twins and a toddler. Jax noticed that his twin boys were coming home with some off handed sex remarks and he knew it was time to have “the talk.” But the talk about sex is so much more than just mechanics. Boys have to be respectable to their partners and boys have to learn to respect themselves. There is a lot of misinformation about sex out there and feelings, relationships etc. and Jax and so many other of our Dad Bloggers will be working hard next year to teach families to empower their boys the proper way. It’s okay to have feelings other than anger and achievement. We are excited about this project that we are developing with Jax and other Dads.

BEST VIDEO- Aww, Miss Linda is becoming independent! Derrick Culpepper, famous for his viral videos of styling his daughter’s hair has recently found that his adorable daughter Linda, is becoming more independent and doing her own hair! That shows that the Culpeppers are doing a great job at raising independent children! Check out this video


BEST CHARITY- Kids never cease to amaze us. There are so many great kid role models out there for your child to get inspiration and wisdom from. Momma Braga, our blogger of the year, wrote an amazing article and conducted a great interview with Owen, founder of the Nice Bench. Owen’s brother, Caden was diagnosed with leukemia. The family was well aware of the costs to bring children to and from the hospital and other incremental costs that families incur. The Nice Bench was created to raise money for families who incur these costs to get treatments for their children. Read more about The Nice Bench and order one today!

CUTEST MOMENT- Our best video of the month is one that we re-shared to our Facebook account. It could go down in history as one of the cutest videos ever. It features the Jordan twins reenacting a scene from Frozen. You can’t help but laugh and be in awe how the twins love this scene so much and have paid attention to little details in the movie. What is most surprising is that they are only babies! We can’t wait to see what the Jordan twins accomplish in their future!



We love the message that Kat Callaghan of Toronto’s Z103.5 is promoting to families. Not only does she have a beautiful baby girl who was our cute baby of the week, but she is a prime example of a working Mom. Kat cohosts the morning show with Scott Fox, she juggles being a working Mom with a huge audience to captivate every morning. She is about parent positivity, encouraging other Moms and Dads to achieve their dreams while being a great parent and most of all, reminds parents to be themselves! We love Kat and baby Jacqueline and we know you will too. Follow her journey to Motherhood.