We are so excited to feature two bloggers of the month this month. Each one is diverse but brings a unique perspective to the beautiful world of parenting. You will love them as much as we do! We also are featuring the amazing Toy Tamer Bags, which are made for little ones by a wonderful Mom of four, Kristi Mitchell. Get ready to fall in love with Grubby Hands By Stacey! This is a new company selling affordable yet trendy fashion from baby to teenager! All products are UK made

Grubby Hands By Stacey

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Looking for quality fashion without the price? Grubby Hands By Stacey has all of your needs met. From baby to teenager, dress your whole family in this quality UK company.


Stacey Evans lives in Devon with her partner and their 11 month old son Louis. When she isn’t exploring in her wellies with her family or tackling the ever growing pile of ironing, she’s spreading the word about new company Grubby Hands.


A big believer in quality clothing that are true to size at affordable prices, Stacey wants to make sure all adults with little people to buy for know about Grubby Hands. Also proud stockists of Blade and Rose and Piccalilly clothing, with items for newborn to teenage years, there is something for everyone, whatever your budget.


To shop Grubby Hands By Stacey, click here!

Toy Tamer Bags – Toy Organization Reimagined!


Have you ever looked around and felt like a toy explosion just went off in your house…every day?  You’ve bought toy boxes to find that they become black holes or turned into jail cells for younger siblings.  You’ve bought enough plastic bins to create skyscrapers in the playroom, which the kids often do, just so they can see them come crashing down.  You’ve bought fabric cubes just to realize that they turn into toy soup bowls and really just succeed in hiding the toy mess!  As parents we’ve all felt this way, especially today when a vast majority of our toy purchases are small toys.  Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to invent Shopkins?  Weren’t Legos enough to torment parents?




This was the dilemma, like many, that faced Kristi Mitchell, a mom of four.  She was simply overwhelmed with small toys taking over her house and traditional box-like toy storage just not working! So she set out to reimagine a toy storage solution that would work for her kids and their vast collection of small toys.  After collaborating with fellow moms and compiling wish lists of must have features, the Toy Tamer Bag was born.  The great thing about the Toy Tamer Bag is the unique mom designed features and benefits that really help to solve the problem of toy chaos and makes life simpler and more organized.  It truly is a unique, practical toy storage and organization solution.


Features and Benefits of the Toy Tamer Bag

-Very kid friendly

-Fully contains the toys by easily zipping closed

-Easy for kids to carry with the grab-and-go handle

-Stands upright for easy packing

-See through design with ID holder

-Multiple storage options

-Attach to strollers using the detachable handle

-Durable, breathable and easy to clean

-Fun to decorate and personalize

-AblePlay rated for children of all abilities

-Aids in cognitive development

-Promotes organizational skills


A great baby shower gift.  Start mom off on the right foot with inspired toy storage & organization.


The Toy Tamer bag is available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink and comes in 3 sizes. Available online at the Kids’ Clutter Tamers website, Amazon, Houzz or Ebay.

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Think Outside the Toy Box!

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 Blogger of the Month- Beauty Baby and Me
Baauty Baby and Me is a fantastic blog that is raw, honest and there to help Mothers everywhere!
What inspired you to start your blog?
I have always loved to write and after going through a tough time suffering panic attacks and anxiety, I wrote a blog to try and explain to those I was close to exactly how I felt and what I’d gone through and it was amazingly well received. I then fell pregnant and I really wanted to document my journey into motherhood in my typically honest fashion and it grew from them. I fell in love with blogging! 
What is your blog about?
It’s all about me as a Mum, my family and all things i feel passionate about; motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and just generally whatever is on my mind! I love to write and find it such a release so I write about a whole variety of things, but on the whole it revolves around me as a Mum and my journey as a family. 
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about telling it like it is! There are so many amazing Mummy blogs out there and although I enjoy many of them, some blogs can make everything seem very easy as a Mum. But it’s not always easy! I like to write honestly about the realities of motherhood. I find it reassures other Mums to hear someone say “hey, this is actually really tricky some days but you aren’t on your own”. I’ve recieved so many messages saying my honest account on things has reassured Mums, I’ve spoken about things people often like to try and avoid but I face them head on and it helps me and my beautiful readers
Where do you see your blog in five years?
I really hope I’ve continued to grow. I’d absolutely love to write a book which is a huge goal of mine but I will continue my blog as it’s my other baby (along with Josh)!  I like to think I’ll have had a second child by then which will be another huge chapter in my life and will add to our crazy story. And if I can continue to support other Mums with my style of writing that would be amazing. And of course if I am as successful as I dream to be I’ll have treated myself to my much longed for Mulberry Bayswater. A girls got to have dreams right!!!




Blogger of the Month: Diary of a Little Peach


Read about this adorable blog written in the view of adorable little Peachy! This is a one of a kind blog to give you the world in the view of a little baby!

What inspired you to start your blog?


Peachy’s Mom: In one word, Peachy!

Peachy: That’s me!

Peachy’s Mom: Being Peachy’s mom is what inspired me to start The Diary of a Little Peach. The first time I held her in my arms, I said she was sweet, soft, and covered in fuzz, just like a little peach. The nickname stuck and evolved to Peachy.

Peachy: Since then, we’ve been spending a lot of time together.

Peachy’s Mom: We were spending a lot of time together before then too.

Peachy: I didn’t see you.

Peachy’s Mom: That doesn’t mean I wasn’t there. But since then we have been getting to know each other a lot better. Peachy was born with a larger than life personality and she made that perfectly clear from the start. I found myself giving her a voice from the very beginning. I began to write things down just so I wouldn’t feel like I’m talking to myself. Peachy is my muse.


What is your blog about?


Peachy: Me! It is my diary after all.

Peachy’s Mom: That is true, but The Diary of a Little Peach is much more than that. We share fun stories, but we also offer helpful tips, ideas, and guides on subjects such as bedtime routines, feeding, developing social skills, playtime, physical activities, and more.

Peachy: Playtime is my favourite, but food is pretty good too.

Peachy’s Mom: Healthy food and good eating habits are important. We are currently developing a new segment which will feature some of Peachy’s favourite recipes. By the time your readers see this, we should have a good number of baby food recipes available.

Peachy: All our recipes are taste tested by me and only my favourites will be featured.

Peachy’s Mom: All of our recipes will be 100% Peachy approved. Along with stories, and parenting tips, we also have a more whimsical side with our songs and fictional tales. And to round things off, Peachy reviews some of her favourite baby gear and products. We want to share everything that we find useful, along with a good helping of fun and humour.


What are you passionate about?


Peachy: I’m passionate about putting everything I find in my mouth. If I can get my hands on it, it’s going in.

Peachy’s Mom: I’m passionate about Peachy.

Peachy: I’m passionate about you too mommy! And daddy is pretty great too.

Peachy’s Mom: Thank you Peachy, and I’ll tell daddy you said that about him. Now that I’m a mom, I’m obsessed with all things baby related. Before motherhood, I was a working woman with a strong focus on my career, and I never saw myself as baby focused. But Peachy has changed me and my priorities.

Peachy: Before motherhood? You mean you weren’t always my mommy?

Peachy’s Mom: Hard to believe, isn’t it? Peachy is my world, but I am also passionate about human rights, animal welfare, and the environment. All these causes have taken a back seat to Peachy. Motherhood takes up a lot of time. But having a daughter did not diminish the importance of these causes. In fact, I feel these issues are even more important. I want the world to be good enough for my little girl.

Peachy: I want that too. When do we start changing the world?

Peachy’s Mom: It’s just a matter of finding the time to get involved. I hope to impart these ideas on Peachy and perhaps when Peachy is a little older, we can get involved in these causes together.


Where do you see your blog in five years?


Peachy’s Mom: In five years, Peachy will be a child, and we will be blogging about things that pertain to her at that age. We have also been discussing the possibility of Peachy becoming a big sister within the next couple of years.

Peachy: Big sister? I’ve never been one of those before. I hope I like it.

Peachy’s Mom: I hope so too sweet Peach. Then our blog will have a second voice, and another personality providing a second perspective. But nothing is set in stone and we don’t always have control of how these things work out. We’ll have to wait and see.