On the last business day of every month www.thebabyspot.ca will do The Baby Spot Bests.  Every month, we investigate designers, stores, companies and blogs all over the world and report them to you! We feature all sorts of styles, from comedic to serious blogs, from high end to quirky fashion, we will feature everything that is beautiful, trendy, hip, or just interesting! This was our first month doing this and we found some great things online. This month we feature some great stores, designers and blogs heiling from  the UK and Canada.


Boys Clothes: Unruly Blue

Website: www.unrulyblue.co.uk

How do we sum up Unruly Blue? Its very simple: They do not follow trends, they MAKE trends. Located in the UK, Unruly Blue is self described as “Disheveled Elegance.” Designer and Founder Samantha J. Taylor is committed to quality, craftsmanship and style. Each piece is designed for elegance and comfort so your boys can look great whilst being unruly. Are you the parent looking for an excellent quality suit for your son? Unruly Blue has the answer for you! For all of you North American parents, Unruly Blue will make its debut in early fall. Visit there website and follow Unruly Blue on twitter: @unrulyblue. We will also interview Unruly Blue this summer so keep checking back with us! Thebabyspot.ca loves everything about Unruly Blue!

Girls Clothes: Bitty Bambino

Website: www.bittybambino.com

It’s no secret that thebabyspot.ca loves Bitty Bambino! Located in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, Bitty Bambino’s owners Taryn Ovens and Vanessa Costello hand pick all of their items. Their actual store is beautiful, set near the picturesque Lake Ontario. Best friends and business owners, these women look for fashion that is not only trendy but something your children can live in. They also both have adorable daughters so you know that they are on top of the latest!

Noppies available at Bitty Bambino


from Noppies: Available at Bitty Bambino


Blogger of the Month: Jessica Burrell

Website: www.saveyourforkstherespie.com


At thebabyspot.ca, we love to connect with people on twitter. We found Jessica Burrell a month ago and began reading her blog. Jessica is like your friend, she shares DIY projects, moving videos and is very open about her life. Mother to a beautiful daughter, Jessica is raw, honest and open with her readers. She engages with them regularly on twitter, which thebabyspot.ca really likes.  Her blog is easy to navigate and whilst reading, you are definitely feel like you are getting to know her and her family. Its a nice blog to relax once the kids are in bed, have a glass of wine and read. Let Jessica be real with you, share inspirational videos and share her thoughts and feelings about everything from life experiences to her family. This is a well deserved blogger of the month and we wish her more success in the future!

Blogger of the month Jessica Burrell


We told you her daughter was cute!



Thebabyspot.ca will have its Baby Spot Bests on the last business day of every month. Next month we hope to have even more finds across the world! Check out all of our babyspot bests this month: like their pages, follow them on twitter and connect with them, they are all really great businesses and people and very interactive. Until next month readers!