The Baby Spot is proud to announce that in January of 2017, we will be launching a “Baby Spot Contributors” Facebook group. This private group will be a community for bloggers to support each other, make allies and connections in the Blogging world. There are so many facets to mention, so let’s dive in.

Build Your Blog

Grace Cross, owner of The Baby Spot, will be speaking on many blogging topics and sharing her knowledge with the community. There is no fee, no seminars, no long story before the information comes. If you are passionate about blogging, whether as a hobby or to grow as a full or part time job, this is for you. There will be a big focus on those who have personal blogs, but if you are a blogger who writes for other magazines, you can get some great tips from the Page. Let’s build your blog!


Are you stuck on what to post? Grace will be bringing in some interesting experts, brands, celebrities and more for you to interview! We will supply the answers to basic interview questions, photos for you to use on your blog and you can ask personal questions to our speaker to have your interview authentic!


We will introduce you to brands, PR companies and businesses who will “pitch” their request to you. If you choose to join and believe in the brand and the brand accepts you, you will be paired up with a brand to talk about a product or service! These posts will require a deadline decided by the brand.

Bloggy Blasts

When a brand, event, company or business comes to our private Facebook page, looking for a number of bloggers to “blast” about a topic, event or product. This will be a paid gig but you would have to follow deadlines set out by the company. You may receive free swag or a payment for your article. You can choose to opt in to a bloggy blast!



When growing your blog, you want to be around people who understand what you are doing, are in your corner and will support you. The Baby Spot Contributors Community is for people who want support and will give support to other blogs! Add all of our members to social media and expect to be added back. Make great business connections and perhaps new friendships!

Will you join our Blogging Community?

We will be sending out public requests on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in December to join!