The Baby Spot

What is The Baby Spot? This is a global parenting magazine that was created almost a decade ago. When this magazine was created back in 2013, we wanted to celebrate the similarities and embrace the differences of parenting practices world wide.

How The Baby Spot Began

In 2013, finding diversity was difficult in magazines, both print and digitally. As a new parent, I was disappointed that I did not see the families that surrounded me represented well in print and digitally. Magazines represented upper middle class to upper class predominantly white families. Many of the experiences and advice was tailored to these racial and economic standpoints. I also noticed that many magazines at this time failed to talk about what parents were really going through. They shied away from mental health challenges, loss of children, miscarriage, divorce and so many others subjects that are regular events that happen to families.

I noticed in my friend circles from around the world that they were being represented. Similarly, when my friends or family came into situations that did not mirror these coveted parenting magazines, they felt like they were all alone.

I noticed that maybe if I created a magazine in my home country, I can start this change. I could talk about the wonderful and heart breaking topics about parenthood candidly and maybe we can reach people. Could this become popular across my country?

The answer was no.

Starting a Business as a New Mom

When you put your heart and soul into something, you want to see it succeed. When I began The Baby Spot, I was hoping for a diverse magazine that talked about the REAL things that were going on with parents. Real topics that made a difference and not the recycled topics I found in print magazines. Experts jumped at my new idea and I had a great team of doctors and influencers who believed in the idea. But it did not catch on in Canada as I initally thought. It was gaining speed in the United States and in other countries.So like many business owners, I reassessed my business plan. If I was going to create a digital magazine, why not make the first GLOBAL PARENTING MAGAZINE

Dream Big – Global Parenting Magazine

I had a computer, some knowledge on editing a magazine and a young child. I was lucky to have experts and influencers who wanted to see the same changes I did. They would help me out for those expert based tips. But I needed the readers. The internet was changing quickly and unlike other magazines who have a full staff, I just had myself. I decided to work late into the night after my little one was asleep and learn everything from website development to Search Engine Optimization. I was going to dive into worlds and learn these different trades.

From interviewing to analytics, the learning experience never ends. It is incredible that if you work at something long enough how you can become an expert in that field. What drives me is the audience and how they are looking for new information, a safe space to talk parenting and most of all, to feel themselves why they parent. The mental health component of parenting is a huge topic for many parents.

What Makes The Magazine The Baby Spot

Since The Baby Spot is digital, it can bleed into the realm of blogging and posting articles. The blog posts are a huge part of this digital magazine. It is usually common for the blog owner to put themselves at the forefront of their work. I don’t do that and I am asked often why it is not my face and my family leading the way. The answer is simple, my family and I don’t represent a global audience. My writers do.

The people who have written for me may have come for one important piece. They share their knowledge, wisdom or experiences and they do not write again. Others write for me for years and have also shared their vital information with my audience. What makes the magazine is not myself, it is the people who are willing to spread their information, stories, sacrifices and wins with other parents. These are the parenting leaders who are making a huge difference.

What is my honor is interviewing and reading these stories. I have laughed, cried and reflected on the many opinions and experiences shared in this magazine.

What You Learn

When reading our opinion pieces for years, I have humbly walked away with so many nuggets of great information and wisdom from the people who have written for me. There is one common theme with each and every post and that is that parents. Everywhere, all are trying to do what is best for their families. Whether you are in Nunavut or New Delhi, you want your family to be safe, happy and to have the opportunity to grow. With all of the experts, celebrities, influencers and most importantly parents who have written for me over the years, this is the common themed message I want this magazine to represent.

What We Offer

Expert Advice – We have worked with some of the top doctors, universities and children’s hopsitals in the world. We have also worked with UNESCO to provide up to date and integral information.

Parenting Posts- Through blogs and videos, our parents love to share what they have learned, what they have been up to and what their families have experienced together!

Travel Posts- We want families to travel safely and feel safe when the see the world. We travel around the world to share with you safe and fun family destinations.

Book Reviews – We review books for you and your children so you are in the know of the best books out there for  toddlers, kids and teens.

Baby Names- If we can be a part of your baby naming process, we would be honored! We put together fun list posts of baby names to inspire the name of your little one.

Recipes- We work with the best for top recipes for your family. We test them out too! If we don’t create the site, we share other site’s recipes and try them out ourselves and post our fun results.

Product Reviews- Many families don’t have the time or the money to test out multiple products. We will do it for you!

Toy Reviews- We work with the top toy companies in the world to show you what is the latest and greatest toys your children are guaranteed to love.

From The Baby Spot Thank You To Our Readers

I just want to thank our readers, for believing in The Baby Spot. We are not a world wide owned traded company. It is a global parenting magazine owned by a real person and you are helping us make a difference every single day with your continued readership. Thank you.

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