The Best Gadgets & Accessories for a Family Vacation

By: Chloe Taylor

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Taking off for a family vacation is an exhilarating activity, but for those who skip the extensive preparations it tends to turn into a nerve-wracking ordeal. Packing and planning makes or breaks your travels, and also marks a difference between leaving your worries behind and bringing them along. Well, know that, with a wide range of amazing travel items available today, there is no need to leave all the convenience and fun at home.

A supportive friend


Benbat Travel Friends Neck Support is a great accessory which keeps the kids comfortable and entertained during long days on the road. The creative design perfectly fits the age group, and comes in a shape of a bear, panda, tiger, and other variations. The headrest stabilizes the head and holds it in place, while the side rests offer neck support. The smooth fabric is double-sided, and tailored to both winter and summer escapades. As an alternative, parents can opt for something like a Trunki Yondi Travel Pillow – a colorful travel companion who prevents the child’s head from rolling and adds the much-needed comfort to the backseat.

Camera for kids



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A high-quality camera is a must have on family exploits, but why should it be available for parents only? Although the kids like gadgets, they are seldom manufactured to be operable by the youngest users. Well, that is not the case with the Fisher-Price Kid-Though Digital Camera. It has the standard features like 4x digital zoom, enhanced imager for low-light photos, and a 1.44 TFT colored screen. On top of that, there is a downloadable software for adding cool visual effects, and a storage capacity for 2000+ photos. The device not only features child-friendly controls – it can even survive drops and spills.

A treasure map


Some people do not want their travel plan to be set in stone, or crave for spontaneity to run the show. Getting lost with your family is not an option, which means you will need a proper map, preferably in the digital format.



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Strathfield car radio GPS navigation provides the most current maps for family adventures, meaning you will be able to hit even the fresh roads without time-wasting detours.  The offerings include major GPS navigation brands like Navman, Tomtom, Garmin and others. You can turn it all into a breathtaking treasure hunt, and let the kids determine the route on the map.

Wheelie buddy

Travel Buddies Luggage Set includes the 17’’ rolling suitcase and matching hard-shell back pack. They are durable – yet lightweight, proving to be an amazing practical asset on vacations. Namely, the Wheelie weights 5 pounds and the backpack just 1.5 pounds. Apart from the hand handle, the dual height retractable handles can be adjusted to a kid and adult height. Kids may choose between the Lola Ladybug, Bella Butterfly, Archie Alien and Tinko Tiger travel buddy. The lovely set will make kids want to participate in the dreaded packing, and carry the waggish buddy everywhere.

A mini speaker

A portable external speaker is an essential part of the traveler’s arsenal. The iHM59 Rechargeable Color Changing Mini Speaker allows you to take the music with you and fill the car (or hotel room) with uplifting sounds. You can also connect it to an iPad and watch Netflix or favorite cartoons— the audio feed is loud enough to be heard even in the presence of external noise.  The speaker comes in a variety of colors and the collapsible design ensures the benefits of compact portability.  At last, the lithium ion battery lifespan is satisfactory, so you do not have to break nice family routines, just give them a new, exciting twist.

Family fun on the roll


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The long-awaited vacation is finally here, and the kids cannot wait to embark. All that remains is to check the essential checklist once more. While some items open the new portals to the world of technology, others bring forth more convenience. There are also those that are just too fun to be missed.  So, from pocket-sized gadgets to versatile luggage solutions, there is a plethora of accessories that make the traveling go smoothly, and enable you to have a whale of time with your beloved family.